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Characters: Satia
Ongoing character sheet for the Troper Work Satia.


  • Ambiguous Gender: Like all combatants, due to having its reproductive systems removed at birth and thus never passing through puberty. And, like the rest of them, she's biologically female.
  • Asexuality: Most combatants grow up this way. Some may still have the capacity or need for romantic attachments, though their skill at forming them varies.
  • Fish out of Water: As happens to every combatant when they get too old to be considered good for fighting and are retired to live among "normal" humanity.
  • Heroes Fight Barehanded
  • Heroic Albino
  • Man in White / Woman in White: Satia's combat and practice suits. It still prefers light-colored clothing even after retirement.
  • Meaningful Name: Satya or sathya is the Sandskirt word for "truth". This is referenced in the Idiosyncratic Episode Naming, with each chapter being "The Truth of..."
  • Picky Eater: It scorns the usual gruel served to combatants and instead prefers soybeans and mushrooms.
  • Pronoun Trouble: Like most combatants, Satia has internalized the concept of being an "it" and refers to itself this way. However, upon being retired from the combat program, this distinction marks it as extremely different from the rest of society. Upon beginning to integrate with normal society, she begins referring to herself as female sporadically, then more often.
  • Raised by Orcs / Raised by Natives: Raised by Scientists, who vary in their morality and views of how human combatants are. Some are quite kind and doting in a parental way; others are cold, though usually not outright abusive due to regulations. Satia is a a result of its upbringing.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: Like most combatants, Satia is great at fighting and not-so-great at...pretty much everything else.
  • The Stoic

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