Characters / Rollbots

A Character Sheet documenting the recurring characters in the Animated TV Show Rollbots.



Voiced by: Samuel Vincent

The Series' Main Character and the last of the Zushin. He does not know his tribe from the beginning of the series but is assimilated into the Kei'zatsu tribe. He has Superspeed, Super Jumping Power, and wields a weapon called a boomstick, which is a collapsible sword. Because he is a Zushin, he can communicate with the city itself, and once he absorbs radiation, he can shoot energy balls and use telekinetic powers.

Captain Pounder

Voiced by: Gary Chalk

The head of the Kei'zatsu. Captain Pounder is somewhat gruff but nice. His powers are throwing a metal disc which returns to him, and a glowing punch.

  • Downer Ending: Vertex is defeated and the city is saved, but Pounder is lost on the way, and the city is left open to an invasion of spiderbots.


Voiced by: Cathy Weseluck

A former member of the Kuzuri tribe, Penny joined the Kei'zatsu after she was kicked out of the Kuzuri following a disagreement with Koto. Penny's power is healing others with a special disc in her hand. She is Spin's closest friend.


Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Lance is a meek, spineless Kei'zatsu who very rarely leaves the precinct. He can usually be found at the precinct, managing things there and insulting spin. His only power is the ability to create a force-field around himself.


Tinny is a young child who is a close friend of Spin's. He is one of the Kei'zatsu and can usually be found with Spin. In the Season 1 finale's sixth episode, he discovers that he can shoot lasers and create force-fields.


Voiced by: Colin Murdock

A police officer who appears in the second through fourth episodes of the season 1 finale. He is slightly stupid, and tries to arrest Spin.



Voiced by: Colin Murdock

A large, sinister, evil spiderbot who spends all of season 1 building a device called a Dymex Key, which is capable of destroying the entire city. He uses Manx, Botch, and Macro as part of his plan.


Voiced by: Nicole Oliver

The only female member of Vertex's minions, and by far the most competent. She is a former Kei'zatsu who rebelled. Her power is shooting purple energy balls.


Voiced by: Brian Drummond

A minion of Vertex's, he is a former member of the Triad, a gang, and before that he was a Zurasho. He has had a bad past with Manx, and they don't get along very well at work. His power is a launching energy claw.


Voiced by: Colin Murdock

A big, dumb renegade Hai'bu minion of Vertex. His powers are super srength and the ability to shoot a spiked Wrecking Ball from one arm.


Voiced by: Paul Dobson

An old rival of Manx's who was broken out of jail on two occasions by Vertex. His power is Magnetic, giving him the ability to command metal to his will.


Voiced by: Scott McNeil

An old ally of Vertex's who understands English perfectly, but rarely speaks anything other than an ancient dialect. He and Vertex seem to dislike eachother, and they both make it very clear. Vett first appears in Part 3 of the 6-Part Season 1 Finale, titled "Vett".

Other Characters


Voiced by: Cathy Weseluck

The Mayor of Flip City. She is highly elitist and constantly forgets the names of people around her. She is the leader of the Nisen tribe.


Voiced by: Brian Drummond

Leader of the Kuzuri tribe, Koto's full title is "Chief Surgeon Koto".


Voiced by: Brian Drummond

Head of the Tensai tribe, Gates is a small but brilliant scientist. He is afraid of just about anyone who is bigger than him.


Voiced by: Paul Dobson

Head of the Zurasho tribe, Octo is an expert construction worker who designed a large housing complex which would later become a regular location in the series.


Voiced by: Ellen Kennedy

Full name Fire Chief Cable, Cable is head of the Zobo'shi tribe, making her the top firefighter. She and Pounder have an ongoing argument about whose tribe actually does more for the city.

The En

Voiced by: Teryl Rothery

The leader of the Zogen'sha tribe, "En" is her title rather than her name. She is one of few people who seem to know Spin's past. In the fifth part of the 6-part season 1 finale, she is killed by Vett.


Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Daso is a Zogen'sha who is next in line to be the En. He seems to know Spin's past and seems to have something to do with the city beginning to speak to Spin.


Voiced by: Trevor Devall

An In-Universe sports star, who plays a fictional sport called Bot-Ball, and is considered to be the most well-known botballer (like Tiger Woods for golf). Penny has a crush on Roboto, who seems to know Spin somehow.

Zilla and Bug

Voiced by: Richard Ian Cox & Colin Murdock

Two expert Tensai Scientists. They are often responsible for much of the mishaps around the city.