Characters: Rogue Galaxy

    Playable Characters 

Jaster Rogue

Voiced by: Will Friedle

An orphan hailing from the desert planet Rosa. He dreams of seeing the galaxy, but when the Longardian military forces occupy his planet, they make it illegal to leave. Luckily, some pirates just happen to be looking for a new recruit in the area, and Jaster was recently given a legendary sword by a strange hooded man...

Simon Wicard

Voiced by: Greg Ellis

A mysterious man from Zerard that dislikes talking about his past and refuses to show his face.


Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal

A high-tech robot constructed by Dr. Pocacchio. Currently, he works as the pirate ship Dorgenark's pilot.


Voiced by: Natalie Lander

Captain Dorgengoa's daughter, whose sweet exterior belies a very clever and capable young woman.

  • Hidden Badass: Don't let her sweetness fool you. She will kick your ass.

Zegram Ghart

Voiced by: Steve Blum

An elite Hunter hired by Captain Dorgengoa. He prides himself on being a friendless "Lone Wolf".

Lilika Rhyza

Voiced by: Kari Wahlgren

An amazon from the remote and primitive Burkaqua Tribe of the planet Juraika. She's fiercely protective of her little sister.

Jupis Tooki McGanel

Voiced by: Ben Diskin

A brilliant and obnoxious scientist that, after his plan to take revenge on the company that fired him fails, decides to join the very pirates that thwarted him.

Deego Aegis

Voiced by: David Sobolov

An ex-soldier that's fallen into a state of apathy and spends his days in a bar on the mining planet Vedan. He tries to steer clear of trouble, but when an old friend of his falls in with the local mafia, he's forced to take action.

    Other Characters 

Desert Claw (real name Mizel)

Voiced by:

The mysterious hooded man that gives Jaster the legendary Desert Seeker sword, sparking his adventure.

Captain Dorgengoa

Voiced by:

The leader of the Dorgengoa Pirates, and Kisala's father.


Voiced by: Quinton Flynn

Captain Dorgengoa's talking cat and first mate, who's in charge whenever the captain is asleep.


Voiced by:

A priest that has been Jaster's father figure ever since the man found Jaster abandoned on the steps of his church.


Voiced by:

An explorer who's desperately interested in seeing the universes most fabulous ruins and treasures.


Voiced by:

Lilika's little sister.

Dr. Donald Pocacchio

Voiced by:

Steve's creator.


Voiced by: Creator/

An old friend of Deego's.


Voiced by:

The owner of the bar where Deego languishes.

MI 0

Voiced by: Heather Hogan

An idol who acts as receptionist for the Galazy Corporation.

  • Beauty Is Bad: MIO jails the party not two minutes after meeting them, because Lilika is a bit scary.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Because Lilika is unfriendly towards her, she decides to have them thrown in jail for a crime they didn't commit.
  • Idol Singer
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: When MIO is performing at a concert, an exact duplicate named M10 takes her place as receptionist.
  • Valley Girl: MIO speaks this way in the US version. In a private moment regarding Mark, it's revealed to be part of her stage persona.

Miyoko & Chie

Voiced by:

A woman and child that wander the galaxy, endlessly searching for their lost husband/father.


Voiced by:

The sinister head of the Galaxy Corporation, which owns Daytron and handles most of the heavy manufacturing for the Longardian Federation.


Voiced by:

Valkog's faithful assistant.

Professor Izel

Voiced by:

One of Daytron's top scientists, who often handles the R&D aspects of Valkog's special projects.


Voiced by:

A mysterious man whose path crosses with Jaster's.


Voiced by:

A small, purple, talking frog found on the planet Juraika that has the ability to fuse weapons together.


Voiced by:

An ancient robot that is located in ruins on the planet Rosa. It was originally constructed on Mariglenn.


Voiced by:

The mysterious guardian of a small town hidden in the deserts of planet Rosa.


Voiced by:

The queen of Mariglenn, a planet hidden from the rest of the galaxy to protect it from an evil creature called Mother.