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This is for characters introduced in ''Anime/ResidentEvilDegeneration'' only. For characters in other games, go to their respective debut media.

* ''Characters/ResidentEvil1'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Brad Vickers, Richard Aiken, Enrico Marini, Albert Wesker, Lisa Trevor[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil2'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Leon Scott Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, William Birkin, Annette Birkin, Brian Irons, Marvin Branagh, HUNK, T-00 (Mr. X), Tofu[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil3Nemesis'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Carlos Oliviera, Nemesis T-Type (T-02), Nikolai Ginovaef[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilGunSurvivor'' [[labelnote:Introducing]] Ark Thompson, Lott and Lilly Klein, Vincent Goldman, Andy Holland, Bruce McGivern, Fongling, and Morpheus D. Duvall[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilCodeVeronica'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Steve Burnside, Albert Ashford, Alexia Ashford[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil0'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Billy Coen, Dr. James Marcus[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilOutbreak'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Kevin Ryman, Alyssa Ashcroft, Cindy Lennox, Mark Wilkins, David King, Jim Chapman, George Hamilton, Yoko Suzuki, Linda, Carter, Monica, Rita, Regan Mallet[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil4'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Luis Sera, Ashley Graham, Ingrid Hunnigan, The Merchant, Osmund Saddler, Ramon Salazar, Jack Krauser, Bitores Mendez[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilTheUmbrellaChronicles'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Colonel Sergei Vladimir, The Red Queen[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil5'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Sheva Alomar, Josh Stone, Oswell E. Spencer, Excella Gionne, Ricardo Irving, Alex Wesker[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilTheDarksideChronicles'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Manuela Hidalgo[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilRevelations'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Parker Luciani, Jessica Sherawat, Raymond Vester, Clive R. O'Brian, Quint Cetcham, Keith Lumley, Rachael, Morgan Lansdale, Jack Norman[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilOperationRaccoonCity'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Vector, Spectre, Beltway, Bertha, Four-Eyes, Lupo, Umbrella Security Service Command, Crispin Jettingham (Callsign: DEE-AY), Erez Morris (Callsign: HARLEY), Lawrence Kimbala (Callsign: SHONA), Marisa Ronson (Callsign: TWEED), Carolyn Floyd (Callsign: WILLOW), Sienna Fowler (Callsign: PARTY GIRL), Government Spec Ops Command[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil6'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Jake Muller, Helena Harper, Piers Nivans, Carla Radames, Derek Clifford Simmons, Ustanak, Haos, Agent, President Adam Benford[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilDamnation'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Svetlana Belikova, "Buddy"/Alexander "Sasha" Kozachenko, JD[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilRevelations2'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Moira Burton, Natalia Korda, Gina Foley, Neil Fisher, Pedro Fernandez, Gabriel Chavez, [[spoiler:Alex Wesker]][[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvil7Biohazard'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Ethan Winters, Mia Winters, Jack Baker, Marguerite Baker, Lucas Baker, Zoe Baker, The Grandmother/[[spoiler:Eveline]], David Anderson, Alan Douglas/Droney, Peter Walken, Andre Stickland, Clancy Jarvis, Hoffman, The Molded[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilTheMarhawaDesire'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Ricky Tozawa, Merah Biji, Doug Wright, Bindi Bergara, Gracia Delenikas, Alisa Lin, Nanan Yoshihara, Tahir Kapoor, Ray Hsu, Gwen Ti Quan[[/labelnote]]
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilHeavenlyIsland''
* ''Characters/ResidentEvilVendetta'' [[labelnote:Introducing]]Nadia, D.C., Damien, Kathy White, Zack White, Glenn Arias, Maria Gomez, Diego Gomez, Patricio[[/labelnote]]


[[folder: Senator Ron Davis]]

A US senator who has questionable connections to [=WilPharma=].

* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Played with. Claire suspects him of this. [[spoiler:While Davis was engaged in insider trading with [=WilPharma=] stock, he was not responsible for the Harvardville incidents]].
* DirtyCoward: Pushes Rani out of his way to escape from zombies, despite Leon placing his plan in action.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He may have been selfish JerkAss who profited off of [=WilPharma=]'s dirty deeds, but he recoils in horror at Claire's accusation that he was the one who caused the outbreak.
* HeKnowsTooMuch: [[spoiler:He is murdered by assassins sent by TRICELL Inc., who have offered to buy [=WilPharma=]'s assets after Frederic Downing's arrest. Davis knew about many of [=WilPharma=]'s corporate secrets, including Tricell's own dealings in the bioweapon black market.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: ''Very''.
* KarmaHoudini: None of the zombies manage to eat his ass throughout the entire airport outbreak.
** KarmaHoudiniWarranty: [[spoiler: Tricell catches up with him in the end though.]]
* TheLoad: One of the biggest in the whole franchise.
* RedHerring: [[spoiler:He is this for the story, since he is obviously disreputable. This may also have been a reason for [[ManipulativeBastard Frederic Downing]] to let him live, in order to mislead anyone investigating the Harvardville incidents.]]


[[folder: Angela Miller]]
!!!Voiced by: Creator/LauraBailey
[[caption-width-right:208:"If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any."]]

A female S.R.T. member sent to help rescue survivors at Harvardville Airport outbreak. Younger sister to Curtis Miller.
* FakeKillScare: [[spoiler: She puts a gun to Frederic's head. He begs for his life, but she pulls the trigger- it wasn't loaded.]]
* FauxActionGirl: Despite her qualifications, she doesn't actually contribute much to the fighting.
* GenreBlind: Despite being told how to deal with zombies, she runs over to help the first "survivor" she sees and moments later ''threatens'' to shoot an approaching crowd of zombies.
* GirlOfTheWeek: She and Leon seem to hit it off and part with vague plans to go "diving" together, but she's never mentioned again afterwards.
* HeroicSacrifice: Averted, but not for lack of trying on her part- Leon's sheer stubbornness prevented her from pulling it off.
* LeeroyJenkins: As a rookie police officer, she unhesitatingly jumped into raging rapids to save a child from drowning; she succeeded, but three other officers were injured fishing ''her'' out.
** Later on at the airport incident, after hearing several zombies moaning, she runs off while you have a guy who has much experience at handling zombies years prior.
* TheLoad: She's only slightly more useful than Senator Davis.
* NotWorthKilling: [[spoiler: Tells Downing that he's "too pathetic to kill" after he begs for his life.]]
* UnderwaterKiss: With Leon. It's to [[KissOfLife give her air so she doesn't drown.]]

[[folder: Frederic Downing]]
!!! Voiced by: Creator/CrispinFreeman
A [=WilPharma=] head researcher working to develop a vaccine for the t-Virus.

* AffablyEvil: He is polite, courteous and understanding. [[spoiler:However, he is willing to manipulate and murder others to line his own pockets.]]
* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:Counting on Curtis Miller's desire to prevent further biohazardous outbreaks similar to that of Raccoon City, Frederic gave the G-virus to Curtis and left the rest to him, resulting in the incident at the [=WilPharma=] facility.]]
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]. He is experimenting with the t-Virus to make a vaccine. [[spoiler:Then played straight when it is revealed that he planned to sell both the virus and the vaccine together in a black market deal. To do this, he secretly caused the Harvardville Airport t-virus outbreak and manipulated Curtis into using the G-virus in order to use both incidents as sales presentations for the viruses.]]
* DirtyCoward: [[spoiler:Once Angela has him at her mercy, [[BribeBackfire he attempts to buy off the heroes, offending them even further]], and then [[VillainsWantMercy begs piteously for his life]].]]
%%* EvilBrit
* FriendInTheBlackMarket: [[spoiler:Having stolen t-virus and G-virus samples in the wake of the Raccoon City incident, Frederic found a number of potential buyers for the viruses but decided to perfect a t-virus vaccine first in order to make the viruses into controllable, and more profitable, bioweapons.]]
* {{Greed}}: [[spoiler:His motive was pure, simple greed.]]
* ManipulativeBastard: [[spoiler:He used Curtis Miller's desperate desire to reveal the truth about the Raccoon City incident to his own advantage. Frederic was most likely the one who provided Curtis with the G-virus, allowing him to use Curtis as a [[TheScapegoat scapegoat]] and mask the true purpose of the whole affair - a sales pitch designed to sell the t-virus and G-virus to a military dictatorship. [[SpannerInTheWorks Had Claire not realized that Frederic was speaking from a payphone outside the [=WilPharma=] facility]], there would have been no evidence of Frederic's involvement.]]
* SilverFox: He has light grey hair but he is rather dignified and handsome.

[[folder: Curtis Miller]]
!!!Voiced by: Creator/RogerCraigSmith

Angela Miller's brother. He injected himself with the G-Virus prior to the events of ''Degeneration''.

* BrotherSisterIncest: When transformed, he pursues Angela because he sees her as a potential mate.
* CatchPhrase: "If you don't try to save one life, you'll never be able to save any". This ultimately haunted him.
* FacialHorror: The stage 2 transformation rips his face off to reveal a more monstrous visage underneath.
* HealingFactor: The G-Virus gives him an impressive one upon mutation. His gunshot wounds heal almost instantly and it takes a ton of punishment to override it and kill him dead proper.
* ThatManIsDead: After injecting himself with the G-Virus and going stage 2, Leon says "Curtis is dead".
* OneWingedAngel: Like William Birkin, except he doesn't have his face on the left side of his body and turn into a G-blob monster. Justified, as Leon manages to kill him before he could shift two more stages. Also to the fact that unlike Birkin, who succumbs to the G-Virus with every near-fatal injury, Curtis nevers goes beyond that due to his major injury against Leon never goes as far as Birkin's.
* RasputinianDeath: It took ''[[TheresNoKillLikeOverkill a lot]]'' to put Curtis down. He's shot to pieces by a squad of marines, crushed under wreckage, and subjected to ''two'' massive explosions, the last one blowing him apart and incinerating him.
* TheScapegoat: [[spoiler:Frederic Downing planned to use Curtis' reputation and actions to paint him as the instigator of the Harvardville incidents. In reality, Frederic caused the outbreaks as sales presentations for the t-virus and G-virus to a military dictatorship interested in buying the viruses.]]
* TragicMonster: Unlike his predecessor who injected himself, killed his wife, and injected the G-embryo into his daughter, Curtis lost his wife and daughter. He presumably injected the G-Virus into himself, and nearly attempts to inject Angela with a G-embryo. He suffered a greater tragedy that he believes should be known to the world.
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler:He is this to Frederic Downing, who used his desires to cause incidents for marketing viruses to a military dictatorship, which could [[{{Irony}} contribute to the very biohazardous outbreaks in the future that he wanted to prevent]].]]
* UnstoppableRage: After transforming into stage 1, he turns his crazed fury onto the marines. [[CurbStompBattle They stood absolutely no chance.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Unusually for most Resident Evil villains, his motivations for doing evil was actually for benign reasons: He injected himself with the G-Virus and caused an outbreak in the [=WilPharma=] facility and at the airport in order to get them to reveal the truth of what happened in Raccoon City, as he didn't want the tragedy to ever happen again.

[[folder: Rani Chawla]]
%%* DisappearedDad
%%* MissingMom
* ParentalAbandonment: Both of her parents went off to fight bioterror. Neither of them came back.
* PleaseDontLeaveMe: To Claire, as she is afraid Claire will not come back, just like her parents didn't.
* TheScream: Understandable, as she is a child and she woke up surrounded by zombies.