Characters / Relic RPG

Relic is full of quirky, strange, sadistic, yet downright lovable characters.

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    Scatto Murphey 
"You know, they always say the 6th beer is the best. But I'm more of a 7 beer guy myself."

Debut:Chapter 1
Voiced by Gabriel Wolf
The protagonist of the game, Scatto is what most would call a Jerk. In fact, his name is Italian for it. He tends to be rash, however, and his pride often leads to embarrassment. With this, along with his tendency to over-react in a blustering manner, Scatto sometimes appears foolish. In truth, he is very clever. His sarcastic and absurd behavior can sometimes extend into important decisions.

    Arianna Miston 
"Ninja's are a lot like Magicians.... Except they kill on purpose."

Isn't she just Adorkable ?

Debut:Chapter 1

Most people call Arianna naive and pure. She always has an optimistic view on everything in life, but still doesn't quite know how the world works. She can be very kind and generous, and she tends to be the most trusting in new situations. However, she can become very angry if someone hurts or insults her, or especially if she feels someone has betrayed her. While she may be a terrible Magician, she is very charismatic, and a great leader. Arianna tends to be the most sensitive and compassionate member of the group.

"Ey! Scatman!"

Always flyin' in style.

Debut:Chapter 1

Voiced by Maverick Gentry

To Many, Peeko looks like an ordinary finch. And he is... except to Scatto. Peeko is Scattos best friend, and his only friend in the New World. He was his only company while he was stuck on the island for 5 years, so Scatto talked to him often, and Peeko began to talk back. Peeko always back talks Scatto, and constantly insults him, but deep down, Peeko really cares for Scatto. He also refuses to call him by his real name, instead calling him Scatman. Being a bird, Peeko can't really help much, but he'll lend whatever skills he can to you as the game goes on.

    Robinette Fuega 
"Fire! Fire makes the world go 'round!"

Pyromaniac is an understatement.

Debut:Chapter 2
Voiced by Taylor Carlson

Fuega is fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, brutally frank, and confrontational. She's hot-headed. Literally. She is what you call a pyromaniac to the extreme. Everything involving Fire, she loves, except putting it out. Her two favorite pastimes are burning things, and sarcasm. Though she doesn't like to admit it, she does admire Lorenzo a bit, and may have a soft spot for him. In battle, Fuega uses, yep you guessed it, Fire. Fuega loves battling and takes great pride in her incinerating skills. She ran away from home years ago, due to a falling out with her father. She hates when anybody mentions this, or even her hometown.

"Back in Old Country, we say It’s always best to believe in one’s self, but with a little help from others can be a great blessing!"

Lumberjack Hats: The true secret weapon of RPGs.

Debut:Chapter 3
Voiced by Mauri Majanoja

Easygoing, friendly, and dryly good-humored, Lorenzo is the group's strong man powerhouse. He is apparently from some northern country, and has a very odd accent that nobody can seem to figure out. He often makes light of things that are far too serious. Lorenzo has been know to show a soft spot for Fuega. Nobody can really figure out who he really is, or where he came from, because he changes the story every time. Lorenzo carry's around a huge two hand battle axe with the strength of one hand.

    General Gilles/Antoine Vivinci 
"The Relic must be kept at safe distance from such... children as yourselves.."

Debut:Chapter 2
Voiced by River Kanoff

Fact: Masks make everything cooler.

Head of the New World Army, General Gilles seems to always be in the right place at the right time.Even before an enemy strikes, Gilles and his brigade of soldiers are there to take them down. Gilles is an extremely noble man, and loyal to King Gaston. He always obeys orders when told. Gilles wears a mask, so nobody has really seen his face, and people often wonder what he looks like underneath. Gilles has also shown massive interest in the ancient artifact, 'Relic.'

    Cogg Miston 
"You know I don't mind when you bring new recruits! But then, you have to go and introduce them to me... You know I don't like people..."

My, my, How big your goggles are...

Debut: Chapter 2
Voiced by Michael Jones

Cogg is a young, socially awkward boy. He is the polar opposite of his sister, Arianna. He's always thinking pessimistic thoughts, and constantly trying to avoid human contact. He is Subject to Change's group engineer, usually spending his time in the basement coming up with new ideas and inventions. He's come up with many weapons and gizmo's for the group to use. He's been very busy with a new project, called the Keg of Demise. Cogg rarely comes on missions with the gang.

"What do you mean “just” Palamari?! ...You guys don't think of me as a threat anymore??"

Devlish Grin? Redhead? Must be evil.

Debut: Chapter 2
Voiced by Jens J.J.

As Military Adviser to General Gilles, Palamari always hangs around him, and obeys his every order. He seems like a mindless drone at times. However, when you get him away from Gilles, and have an actual conversation with the guy, you'll find a very cunning, mischievous prankster, who has a few tricks up his sleeve.