Characters / Red Sonja

Characters from the movie Red Sonja.



Played by: Brigitte Nielsen

  • Broken Bird: Her family was killed by an evil tyrant and she was raped by said tyrant's men for refusing her advances.


  • Billing Displacement: Arnie is featured more prominently in the posters and the like, despite not playing the main hero.
  • Expy / Captain Ersatz: Of Conan, for legal reasons. It could actually be Conan, since he's used many aliases before.

Prince Tarn

Played by: Ernie Reyes Jr.

  • Flynning: Subverted. Sonja shows him why this wouldn't really work in a real fight.


Played by: Paul Lawrence Smith


Queen Gedren

Played by: Sandahl Bergman

  • Big Bad: Her murder of Sonja's family drives the plot.
  • Malevolent Masked Woman: She wears a mask after Sonja scarred her face and is the Big Bad.
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: When Sonja accuses Gedren of slaughtering her family, she dismisses the accusations as from her point of view, the victims' lives are nothing in comparison with a minor scar Sonja made on her cheek.
  • Red Right Hand: A scar on her cheek, courtesy of Sonja at the beginning of the film.


Played by: Ronald Lacey


Played by: Pat Roach