Characters / Red Dead Virgo

Kanaya Maryam

The titular Red Dead Virgo, who chose to reveal her 'mutant' blood color to the world and has been paying for it ever since. At times it seems like the entire universe is out to get her, yet she keeps struggling along, certain there must be a reason for it all. Her trolltag is gloomyApoplectic.

Her Sgrub title is the Heir of Blood, in the Land of Snow and Sanguine.

Terezi Pyrope

Terezi... sort of unnerves everyone else. Maybe it's all the laughing, or the creepy comments she always makes. Or the gifts she uses Kanaya to deliver to everyone else. Her trolltag is guillotineCatastrophe.

In Sgrub, she becomes the Seer of Doom in the Land of Chroma and Radio.

Vriska Serket

Kanaya's dearly beloved moirail, a friendly farmgirl and a hard worker. Worries about Kanaya all the time for obvious reasons. Her trolltag is aurochsGore.

Known in Sgrub as the Knight of Life in the Land of Graves and Flood.

Equius Zahhak

A firm believer in the hemospectrum, Equius wholeheartedly embraces his place in the caste system and exhorts Kanaya to do the same. His trolltag is circuitsTremor.

His title in Sgrub is the Prince of Space, from the Land of Lotus and Frogs.

  • Cool Shades: A combination of his canon sunglasses and Sollux's red and blue lenses.
  • Freak Out!: Apparently he had one of these when he realized exactly what being a Space player involves. (See Super OCD below.)
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: How does he prove to Kanaya his natural superiority? By stuffing her full of honey cookies, treating her wounds, and doing everything in his power to ensure she's as clean and healthy as possible.
  • Neat Freak: Equius keeps his apartment in impeccable order and dislikes natural (and therefore gross/slimy) things. Unfortunately, catching frogs in a lake area definitely counts as 'natural'.

Gamzee Makara

A boy who lives in the forest, hunting his own food and interacting with others mostly via the Internet; in Sgrub, he kept to himself. He is good friends with Nepeta, and they love to make up cat puns together. His trolltag is temperamentallyCarnivorous.

In Sgrub, he is the Rogue of Void in the Land of Relic and Ash.

Eridan Ampora

A pessimistic troll who is well aware of his role as Fate's punching bag, but carries on doing Timey-wimey chores regardless, while simultaneously wishing he could take matters into his own hands. His trolltag is chronicAugustus.

Becomes the Mage of Time in the Land of Celluloid and Silver in Sgrub.

Feferi Peixes

Her trollltag is coppiceCultivator.

In Sgrub, she is known as the Maid of Rage in the Land of Gardens and Steel.

Karkat Vantas

A smug bastard through and through, Karkat uses his powers of manipulation for matchmaking and acting as a relationship counselor. (This includes influencing several of his hapless clients to the point where their quadrant-related affairs lead them straight into the jaws of 'Mother'.) His trolltag is cunningGangewifre.

In Sgrub, he becomes the Thief of Heart in the Land of Ruby and Obsidian.

Aradia Megido

Keeps to herself. Her trolltag is aethersAbrogation.

Sgrub dubs her the Witch of Mind and places her in the Land of Tomes and Hives.

Tavros Nitram

A sopored-up highblood who is obsessed with faeries, to the point that he is convinced Vriska is one. He likes to throw parties and invites Kanaya to them whenever she's visiting, causing her much discomfort. His trolltag is aleatoryTheosophist.

In Sgrub, he serves as the Bard of Light in the Land of Solar and Harmony.

Sollux Captor

Two individual trolls forced to share one body. Sollux is calm, thoughtful, and considerate; Captor is a raging asshole. His trolltag is tyrantsAccord.

Sgrub sets his role as the Page of Hope and his realm as the Land of Silk and Empyrean.

Nepeta Leijon

A cheerful, excitable seadweller and to-be Empress of the Alternian Empire. At one point she was a vicious troll who stalked the seas and killed lusii for thrills, but the pacifying influence of her moirail (no points for guessing who that is) convinced her to stop, in a roundabout way. Her trolltag is argonCharybdis.

In Sgrub, she becomes the Sylph of Breath in the Land of Gales and Waves.

  • Morality Pet: Explains to Gamzee that she sees Equius like this, as he helped her to see landdwellers as more than simply prey.
  • Nice Hat: Her swimming cap.