Characters: REVERIE

Character sheet for the Gaia Online-based Pokémon role play titled REVERIE.

Be amazed at the Theme Naming!

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Atticus Reeves - Agent Peridot

I'd rather nap than fight evil.

Cassandra Bell - Agent Garnet

I swear, one day I'll beat his ass into the ground so hard, he'll be shitting dirt.

Art by Arisaka Ako


Name - Agent Diamond

Alcuin Suttor - Agent Opal

My heart says it's wrong, my upbringing says it's right.

Art by Suoh


Name - Agent Tourmaline

Aviana January Ivers - Agent Amethyst

Sweetheart, you won't know what hit ya'.

Art by Syu


Emilian Beckett - Agent Ruby

Tuesday Beckett - Agent Sapphire

Water types aren't just bubbles and showers y'know ~

Art by Ito Noizi


Adrian Aleister Wright - Agent Aquamarine

A man with no goal is the same as a corpse.

Art by 07th Expansion Studios

Nieliquel Onyx - Agent Emerald

Get out of my face you worthless piece of —- I mean, would you like tea with that?

Art by Makimura Shunsuke

Riley Owens - Agent Citrine

You've been Thunderstruck!


Summer Rolding - Agent Topaz