Characters / Quinn In Wonderland

Quinn Fabray

A beautiful and wealthy young girl who stumbles into Wonderland. She is very logical and has trouble adjusting to the world's strange customs. She also faces insecurities over her given role as leader of the Wonderland army but soon gains the confidence. She almost abandons the others at one point in hope of being able to go home. It is eventually revealed that she is the subject of a prophecy proclaiming her to be the hero of Wonderland and the holder of the Vorpal sword and was brought to Wonderland on purpose. She is predicted to become Wonderland's leader. She is the only main character to be referred to by their real name. She mostly wears a light blue dress given by her parents and is complimented for how she appears in blue. She fulfills the role of Alice.

The Mad Hatter (Noah "Puck" Puckerman)

An arrogant and tough tea (alcohol) brewer. He wears plain clothes with a large hat and has a mohawk. Mr. Dodo sends Quinn to him for help with the army. It is revealed that he was at one time a knight-in-training and was Mr. Dodo's (the The White Knight) ward. Hatter ditched him though and left the knighthood. The cause of this is revealed to be that Hatter was angry over the prophecy which predicted he would fall in love with the Wonderland hero. He did not wish to have his life dictated and left Dodo. He cares deeply for Quinn and the two fall for each other. He is second-in-command of the army.

Cheshire Cat (Rachel Berry)

A talkative and obnoxious member of the Wonderland army who annoys Quinn to no end. She wears a pink and purple striped outfit and is constantly smiling. She has the ability to make her limbs disappear and lacks the ability to lie. She also can predict outcomes of situations. She enjoys singing and riddles. She is one of few people who can read the prophecy.

The March Hare (Finn Hudson)

Hatter's best friend and roommate. He is a clumsy fellow tea brewer and is a kind but tough fighter. He helps lead the Wonderland army as well. He strikes up a romance with Cheshire Cat.

The White Rabbit (Artie Abrams)

A nice boy in a wheelchair who leads Quinn to Wonderland (which is later revealed to have been on purpose). He is the keeper of time but always seems to be late. He has the ability to leave Wonderland whenever he wishes. He is one of the few people who can read the prophecy.

Mouse (Tina Cohen-Chang)

The first person Quinn meets in Wonderland. Incredibly tiny, she fits in a regular sized person's palm. She is the navigator of Wonderland. She stays with Quinn throughout the story and joins the Wonderland army. She has a crush on the White Rabbit.

Mr. Dodo (Will Schuester)

A kind man who sets Quinn off on her journey. He is formerly the White Knight and was Hatter's trainer. He was betrothed to the Red Queen but fell for the White Queen. His betrayal lead to the Red Queen being manipulated by the Queen of Hearts. He was banished as a result.

Caterpillar (Kurt Hummel)

A fashionable young boy who rescues Quinn from quicksand. He later joins the army.

Duchess (Mercedes Jones)

A fabulously wealthy and proud woman who is a sworn enemy of the Queen of Hearts. She banished to her home but ignores this rule. She contributes to the army and befriends Quinn.

The White Queen (Emma Pillsbury)

A petite and delicate woman who is Wonderland royalty in The White Kingdom. She was overtaken by the Queen of Hearts and Red Queen but has maintained her kingdom and still has many followers. She has a fear of dirt and barely leaves her castle. She loves Mr. Dodo.

The Red Queen (Terri Schuester)

The other Queen of Wonderland who fell under the Queen of Hearts' manipulations after her betrothed, Mr. Dodo, was caught cheating on her with the White Queen. Despite her cold demeanor almost everyone claims she is not a terrible person. She is the only one who knows the ways in and out of Wonderland and is the one who can send Quinn home. Her palace holds the Vorpal Sword.

The Queen of Hearts (Sue Sylvester)

The cruel third Queen of Wonderland who appeared suddenly with a birthright. After Mr. Dodo's betrayal she manipulates the Red Queen to overthrow the White Queen. She rules over her soldiers of cheerleaders known as the Deck of Hearts. Her catchphrase is "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" and slushies people during trials.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce)

Two former members of the Deck of Hearts who turned against the Queen of Hearts. They then join the Wonderland army. The two are never apart. Tweedledee has a rather aggressive personality while Tweedledum is a Dumb Blonde.

Walrus and Carpenter (Matt Rutherford and Mike Chang)

Friends of the group and members of the Wonderland army. The live on the Seashore where it is perpetually half day and half night. The have bred Oysters (football players) to fight. The oysters make up a majority of the front line along with the White Queen's soldiers.

Gryphon (Jesse St. James)

A member of the Red Queen's court who helps Quinn several times. He teaches her about the Vorpal sword and attempts to help her break the others out of prison.

The Mock Turtle (Sandy Ryerson)

A member of the Red Queen's court who tells Quinn about the Red Queen/White Knight/White Queen Love Triangle.

Humpty Dumpty (Principal Figgins)

A man who sits on a wall all the time after being banished there for abusing the Vorpal Sword, killing many. He eventually was able to read a prophecy on his wall and took to making sure it was carried out. He told of what it meant to those who didn't understand it. He sent the White Rabbit out to bring Quinn to Wonderland