Characters / Prophet's House

Ira Rostov/Lysander Rassianus

Sofia Rassianus

Alisayne Rassianus

Sepirahkt Rassianus

Asimir Rassianus

Marius Rassianus

Stephen Kvalus

  • Arranged Marriage: Forced into marrying Inari to end the war against Umzad.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Stephen's guilt over his sister's death is his chief motivation.
  • Evil Uncle: Subverted. Stephen is Sofia's uncle, but rather than usurping her rightful claim he tries desperately to restore her to the throne.
  • Puppet King: To Eleazora.

Anaias Kvalus

Inari Sen'Tan

Anora Sen'Tan

Irion Sen'Tan


Kazimir Bastian

Magnus Rothenslay

Jonathan Blackwall

John Blackwall

Siegfried Ramm

Saul Lyr

Katrina Lyr

Ysabelle Lyr

Rhovan Khalimoff