Characters / Project Superpowers

Main Characters:

  • Fighting Yank - a two-fisted patriot. Prime example of why Our Ghosts Are Different

  • The Green Lama - Crime-fighting Tibetan holy man

  • The Black Terror - pharmacist who gained powers from "formic ethers". Put the skull-and-crossbones symbol for poison on his chest. Since he got to the present day, he seems to be suffering from Cerebus Syndrome: the skull-and-crossbones thing is now being extended into a full-on love for all things pirate-related.

The Death Defying 'Devil


Secondary Characters:

The American Spirit

The Flame


Samson - decendant of the biblical hero of the same name. Has incredible strength. Somehow evaded the Urn of Pandora, and spent sixty years walking the earth. In the present day he has become much more similar to the hero, and wears a robe and is blind.

The Scarab

The Targeteers


Mr. Face

The Owl

The Villains

Dynamic Man, Dynamic Woman and Dynamic Forces

President West

ClownCo CEO

Originally known as the Clown, a sadistic archenemy of Magno the Magnetic Man and Davey.

The Advocate

Emperor Seng II

The Mad Magi

The Black Baron

Mrs. Octopus - wife of a criminal called The Octopus, who was killed by heroes many years before.

And their Legions of undead minions, the F-Troop (not that one), their nuclear-powered mercenaries, the Crusaders and their power-armoured Police Corps.

The Claw