Characters / Project Genesis

This is a list of characters that appear in the roleplay Project Genesis.

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Keno Lindall

Your rules stink like this city!

Austin C. Carter

Cool beans.

Angeline P. Rowlett

What do I do on a daily basis? Ah, that's simple. I screw your shit up. Then I blow your house up, and probably steal your dog.

Sonya N. Konstantinov

Bitter and Russian.
Боги, быть хорошим. Gods be good, I am surrounded by imbeciles.

Warren C. Myers

Wanna go do karaoke?
Is this like when Angel gives me a physical? *Drops pants* Can I have a cookie now?

Amber Irisetta Jazzknowski

You have befriended Amber. Amber will now DIE FOR YOU
''I have no desire for strength and glory. I just want to protect them, which means being strong enough to kill anyone that could hurt them. This is what family feels like.... right?"

Avery T. Jeevan

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quote here

Anastasia “Ana” Colette

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quote here

    The Agents 

Joseph S. Clark

Name's Jowee, but ya can just call me Awesome-man. I like ta fight crime with my awesome plan.

Jackson L. Allastar

Quote Goes Here
—Jax Rabbit

Madeline De Leigh

So ronery.

Quinn Faylen

She's not psychic. She just understands the human brain THAT well
"Intelligence is the ability to come to correct conclusions faster and with less information than the average individual. I'm a genius. "
— A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Matthew Alexander Wright

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"A quote "
— Conversion

Damian Diluvium

Screw Strategy. I just want to blow stuff up.
"A quote "
— Meltdowner

Ono K. Lupine The real Lupine is dead. Actually Keno in disguise

"....*glare* "

    Project Omega 

Stella H. Miles

It's this love that I most fear.

Ryner Ailcrono

You see that monocle? It can speak Latin.
I might as well take a nap.
—The Redirector

Lynne Piérra Wolfstiener

*Yaoi-induced Nosebleed*

Neiro Nerf

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Coretta Chari Evans

Don't look her in the eyes. You may find yourself lost in the depths of dem orbs.
I'm not allowed to talk about it
—Silent Violin

Elizabeth Fine Constance

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Alice Sophia Tanner

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quote here
—Blue Gem


Jennifer R. Castille

"Quote goes here"
—The Lieutenant

Howard O. Eckhart

Quote right here, dammit!
—The Assistant

Korbin J. Miles

Quote goes here
—Ace Vesper

Gray L. Harlequinn

"Insanity? Hahaa, if that's what you kids are calling 'brilliance' now days."
I can't forget that plan in which I had set in motion, those thirteen long years ago.

Marcus Lowell

No, he's not unintentionally seducing you or anything. That's just his face.
I still do not see the absurdity of the situation.