Characters / Pretty Cure Nature Sparkle

This is the character sheet for Pretty Cure Nature Sparkle. Please help with the blurbs!

The Cures

Tsubasaki Sora (Cure Zephyre) | Voice Actor: Satomi Sato

"The wind that blows throughout the sky and land - Cure Zephyre!

Hideaki Inara (Cure Dawning) | Voice Actor: Saeko Chiba

"The sunlight that shines in every heart - Cure Dawning!"

"I may be extremely short, but it comes in handy. Sometimes."

Mizuki Mina (Cure Tornado) | Voice Actor: Saki Fujita

"The waves that wash the shores of the world - Cure Tornado!"

"Sora, you are so laaaazy. I wish someone would put a permanent buzzer in your head."

Haruto Akane (Cure Saharia) | Voice Actor: Kana Ueda

"The flame of the sun that burns with passion - Cure Saharia!"

"If I want to eat something, I'll eat it. If I want to say something, I'll say it. I'm the student council president. I can do what I want."

Hideyoshi Haruka (Cure Valterre) | Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

"The plant of life that grows through the world - Cure Valterre!"

"Being responsible is such a burden."

Their Allies

Venus | Voice Actor: Rei Sakuma

"Sweets are my specialty. If you want something, chances are I'll have it on my shelves. No, I don't know why or how."

  • The Mentor (Since there are no mascots, and despite her age, she fills this role.)
  • Curious as a Monkey ( Her memory as Vanessa Yorkshire was completely wiped out by Aphrodite, so she knows nothing, but in the end, Vanessa decided to stay Venus.)
  • Duality Motif (One eye is red from Aphrodite, one is yellow from the girl she took over.)

Hemera / Goddess Of Sun and Day

One of Aphrodite's closest friends. When Mr. Kuroro takes Aphrodite's crown, Hemera and her sister Nyx take care of Aphrodite while she lives as Venus.

Nyx / Goddess Of Moon and Night

One of Aphrodite's closest friends. When Mr. Kuroro takes Aphrodite's crown, Nyx and her sister Hemera take care of Aphrodite while she lives as Venus.

Their Enemies

Rosalie Auburn (Rosetta) | Voice Actor: Eri Saito

"Shut up or you'll have homework. I mean it!"

Marina | Voice Actor: Miki Ito

  • Whip It Good (She loves to torture people. With something whip-like usually.)

Rudy | Voice Actor: Ayahi Takagaki

"This is sooooo unfair. You guys think you're all mature, but I'm the only who doesn't overreact over failure. No. I. Do. NOT!!! Stop it!"

B.T. | Voice Actor: Megumi Ogata

M. Quartze | Voice Actor: Daisuke Kishio

"Out of all you pitiful humans, the French have the most beauty. Not you ugly Japanese humans. You are ugly. Ugly."

Mr. Kuroro | Voice Actor: Daisuke Kirii

"Money can buy happiness. I have all the money, and I'm happy."