This is the character sheet for ''FanFic/PrettyCureAgentsOfRomero''.

!!Daisuke Mikami/Cure wa'

* AtomicFBomb: At the end of episode 1.
* CannotKeepASecret: The poor guy has just as much a hard time not revealing himself as a Cure to those around him as [[Anime/SmilePrettyCure Miyuki]] does, much to his embarrassment.
* DraggedIntoDrag: In Cure form.
* IKnowMaddenKombat[=/=]SheFu: His fighting style is largely influenced by his earlier gymnastics training; the SheFu is because he was in a co-ed gymnastics class.
* LeotardOfPower: In Cure form.
* ManInAKilt: During [[spoiler:the scientist's funeral]].
* RealMenWearPink
* SkywardScream: At the end of episode 1.
* TightsWithASkirt: In Cure form.

!!Yuu Iwasawa/Cure cha'

* IKnowMaddenKombat[=/=]SheFu: Her fighting style is largely influenced by her earlier gymnastics training.
* {{Meido}}: During the mall arc.
* ModestyShorts
* SkirtOverSlacks

!!Rica Asakura/Cure wej

* {{Bifauxnen}}: It even extends to her younger years, as seen in a flashback when she's shown wearing a tank top and leggings to her gymnastics class, which she attended with Daisuke and Yuu.
* DanceBattler: She's a self-taught capoeira dancer, and it serves her well in combat against "them".
* [[spoiler:DisneyDeath: Becomes one of "them" in a later episode. Fortunately, a scientist happened to be present at the time with the only cure for the zombie disease, and after she bites him he has Daisuke and Kasumi bash his head against a rock, but not before instructing them to use the cure on her. [[BetterThanNew It works.]]]]
* GratuitousItalian: That one time she recited an entire scene from ''Film/{{Zombi 2}}''.
* GroinAttack: Daisuke does this to her on her own orders, and her reaction to the punch in her Southern region leads everyone present to realize [[SamusIsAGirl she's actually a girl]].
* HellBentForLeather: Part of her modified school uniform after the party picks up Kasumi.
* IKnowMaddenKombat: Capoeira isn't the only influence on her fighting style; her earlier gymnastics training also factors in. Compared to Daisuke and Yuu, though, her fighting style doesn't incorporate SheFu as much.
* NiceHat: The officer's cap she wears most of the time.
* OperaGloves: As Cure wej.
* RealWomenNeverWearDresses: Good God, she's this [[UpToEleven IN SPADES]]. Not only does she absolutely refuse to wear so much as a skirt (though [[TightsUnderShorts tights]] don't seem to bother her, and neither do [[OperaGloves satin elbow-length gloves]]), she even flat-out states that she's the type of girl that will one day make skirts obsolete.
* SamusIsAGirl: Double subverted in episode 2. Of course, Ayeka already knows, as seen in their very first scene.
* TightsUnderShorts: With one of her outfits.
* [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl Tomboy to Ayeka's Girly Girl]]
* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak: She's even a better chef than Ayeka!
* WhatTheHellHero: Chews out Daisuke for not killing her before [[spoiler:she became one of them]]:
-->'''Rica''': I thought I told you to ''kill'' me!
* WholesomeCrossdresser
* WhoWearsShortShorts: Part of her TightsUnderShorts ensemble ''and'' her Cure outfit.
* YourMom: Does this to a zombie in episode 3.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A with jean shorts in Cure form.
* [[spoiler:ZombieGait: During her brief stint as one of "them" until she recovers.]]

!!Kyoko Marisawa/Cure loS
!!!HypotheticalVoiceCasting: Kaori Nazuka (Japanese), Edie Mirman (English)

* DarkIsNotEvil
* ZettaiRyouiki

!!Megumi Haruno/Cure vagh

* {{Expy}}: Looks like a darker-haired, more jaded [[FanFic/PrettyCurePerfumePreppy Hanae]].
* LeotardOfPower: In Cure form.
* {{Meganekko}}
* {{Ojou}}
* OjouRinglets
* WhoWearsShortShorts: During the mall arc.
* ZettaiRyouiki: In Cure form.

!!Ichigo Kirogane/Cure jav
!!!HypotheticalVoiceCasting: Creator/YujiUeda (Japanese), Creator/SteveBlum (English)

* GunNut
* {{Megane}}

!!Ayeka Hayashi/Cure Soch

* {{Ballet}}
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Assumes Daisuke's Cure outfit is perfect grounds for him to join the dance club. As Daisuke points out, he's not supposed to be dressed like a ballerina, but rather a generic protagonist from ''Anime/SuitePrettyCure''.
* DanceBattler: Specializes in ballet.
* [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl Girly Girl to Rica's Tomboy]]
* LeotardOfPower
* ProperTightsWithASkirt: With her school uniform.
* ZettaiRyouiki: In Cure form.

!!Kasumi Avalon/Cure chorgh

* {{Ballet}}
* ChildrenAreInnocent: No wonder she underwent a HeroicBSOD after circumstances forced her to bash an infected scientist's head against a rock before his infection could completely overtake him!
* DanceBattler: Specializes in ballet.
* MagicDance: Her defensive attack.
* TightsUnderShorts: In Cure form.
* WhoWearsShortShorts: In Cure form; ironic, considering Cure chorgh's an expert ballerina.

!!Nurse Nana Miyazaki

* TheDitz: And how! For example, she has no idea what the phrase "son of a bitch" really means (to the point where she actually sneaks it onto her eyechart).
* FanGirl: Of ''Film/ReturnOfTheLivingDead'', to the point where she has a modified version of Frank's eyechart that replaces Burt's name with that of [[TakeThatMe tThehe author]].
* PrecisionFStrike: She rarely goes anywhere beyond the occasional "hell" and "damn", but her eyechart calls the author "[[TakeThatMe a slave driver and a cheap son of a bitch who's got you and me here]]". WordOfGod says it's her own cheeky homage to ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead''.