A description of character-specific tropes found in ''FanFic/PokemonShadowfall''.

'''This page contains spoilers'''.
Main character of the ''[[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Pokemon XD]]'' game, he's been unceremoniously stripped of his HeroicMime status and given access to a voicebox, as well as a metric ton of issues.
* {{Determinator}}: Implied by the fact that he single-handedly dismantled Cipher's second incarnation when he was barely twelve years old.
* FriendlessBackground: Implied.
* HeroicSelfDeprecation: While Michael's achievements are impressive and he's sure of his battling skills, he has the approximate self-esteem of an earthworm.
%%* KidHero
* OCStandIn: Michael doesn't have a personality in the games, being a HeroicMime.
* ShellShockedVeteran: If nothing else, he certainly seems to be suffering from PTSD and/or clinical depression.
* TheSnarkKnight: According to his internal narrator.
** SarcasmFailure: When he meets Wes for the first time.
* YouKilledMyFather: The reason he went after Cipher in the first place, even if he was five years too late to catch the real murderers.

->''"Jovi almost lost two very important people to Cipher. Jovi will do everything needed to make sure Jovi does '''not''' lose big brother, understand?"''
The main character's little sister in the ''[[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Pokemon XD]]'' series, she's just starting out as a Pokemon trainer and is considerably smarter than she seems.
* BerserkButton: Anyone questioning her brother--more specifically, insulting him or implying that his decisions during the Cipher Incident weren't the right ones.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* ObfuscatingStupidity: She is significantly more intelligent than she seems, though she hides it well under a facade of immaturity.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Like in the game, she tends to refer to herself as Jovi. When she doesn't, there's a problem.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

->''"Bingo, Rui."''
The protagonist of ''VideoGame/PokemonColosseum'', Wes makes a comeback five years after the conclusion of his game, to take on the third incarnation of Cipher at his successor's side.
* AntiHero: He's still not particularly heroic by series standards.
* BadassLongcoat
* BigBrotherMentor [[spoiler:To Silver.]]
* CombatPragmatist: As close as the series has, anyway. He's far more willing to duke it out with opposing trainers, as well, and has no qualms about attacking Cipher peons directly.
* NeverFoundTheBody: To Cipher's ensuing dismay.
* OlderAndWiser: Than Michael, and it helps that he's got about nine years on the kid.
* PsychicPowers: Thanks to spending so much time with Cyrus and Jericho.

The sidekick of ''VideoGame/PokemonColosseum'', Rui appears alongside Wes after a five-year absence from canon.
* AuraVision: Her signature ability.
* BerserkButton: Being woken up by anything. [[RingRingCrunch Like alarm clocks.]]
* TheChick: Out of the Snagger group, Rui generally likes to battle the least. But she has Duking's Plusle as a close companion and is Wes's Altaria's de facto master, so it's not as though she's helpless.
* FieryRedhead
* MoralityChain: For Wes.

->''"Shut '''UP'''!"''
One of several redheads apparently hanging around Wes, Silver is the Snagger's protege in all things not involving Snagging.
* AngerBornOfWorry
* AscendedExtra: Remember that kid who got barely five seconds of screentime in the anime, and who appeared as a rival in the games? This is him, but slightly tweaked.
* BreakTheHaughty: [[spoiler:Apparently by Lance and his Dragonite shortly before Wes met him.]]
* LukeIAmYourFather: As it happens, he's perfectly aware that his father is Giovanni. He just didn't think the guy was still alive. And nobody else knew.
* ParentalAbandonment: Giovanni abandoned him, and his mother is never so much as mentioned.

Michael's starter Pokémon, originally a gift from his late father. Moondance is painfully aware of this and has long since vowed to look after her trainer as a result.
* ActionMom
* CanineCompanion
* DarkIsNotEvil
* HeroicVow
* {{Mon}}
* TeamPet

!!!Cyrus and Jericho
Wes's pair of Eeveelutions and his signature duo, Cyrus and Jericho often comment on the events in the story and can be used as advance scouts if Wes needs information fast. Cyrus is the Espeon, while Jericho is the Umbreon.
* BashBrothers
* GlassCannon: Cyrus.
* {{Mon}}
* PsychicPowers: Both of them.
* SiblingTeam
* StoneWall: Jericho.
* ThoseTwoGuys
* YinYangBomb

The legendary phoenix, Ho-Oh seems to be gathering an unknown number of fellow legendary Pokémon for some purpose. It also seems to have taken over managing the trio of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres while Lugia is missing.
* [[spoiler:BigGood]]
* ChekhovsGunman
* {{Mon}}
* OlympusMons: One of the biggest.
* ThePhoenix
* PlayingWithFire



!!!The Fourth Redhead/[[spoiler:Eldes]]
* TheAtoner
* BigDamnHeroes
* ChekhovsGunman: He's mentioned at least four chapters before actually showing up, and at first it seems innocuous. It's not.