Characters / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance

The Main Characters


A young Shinx from Lightning Plateau who moved to Fenix Town in order to train at the local dojo there, and to escape the pressure of being next in line to be the leader of the Luxray pride, due to being the son of the current leader.

  • Character Tics: Often rubs his forelegs together when nervous or embarrased.
  • Disappeared Dad: It is mentioned in a conversation with Hercules that Blitz's father is missing. We learn more about what happened when Blitz's backstory is revealed in Chapter 22.
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: Chapter 22 shows he had one after accidentally doing permanent damage to Charge the Luxio's leg during their fight, this incident being what ultimately resulted in Blitz moving to Fenix Town to continue his training there.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: While he is a regular Shinx, he feels this way because he is treated differently from the other Shinx in the pride since almost the entire pride expect him to become their new leader when he gets older.
  • Shock and Awe: He's an electric type Pokémon.

Sera (Serafina)

A young Eevee with five older siblings, who feels as if she is not taken seriously because of her age. She started a rescue team with Blitz in an attempt to prove what she is capable of.

  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: Has one after realizing that she didn't know Blitz as well as she thought upon learning his backstory, and believing that she had failed to be a good friend for him since he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth.
  • Non-Elemental: She's a normal type Pokémon.


A young Mienfoo that was found unconscious in Meridian Forest by Sera and Blitz. He is usually in a cheerful mood, despite not having any memories of who he is.

  • Amnesiac Hero: Doesn't remember who he is.
  • Cheerful Child: Seems to mentally be a bit younger than his teammates, and is cheerful most of the time.
  • Naďve Newcomer: Due to not having any memories, Blitz and Sera have to explain to him how things are around the town, and how things work.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His name was given to him by his teammates, as he doesn't remember his real name.

Major Supporting Characters


A mysterious Elgyem who for some reason seems to have an interest in Chiaki.

  • Psychic Powers: Is a psychic type Pokémon.
  • The Speechless: Based on the fact that she needs to learn how to use her telepathy in order to communicate more clearly than she can with body language and when discussing something with her father, making her fingers flash in different patterns, it is suggested that she is incapable of speaking.
  • Telepathy: This seems to be the main way her species communicate with Pokémon of other species, although Elina hadn't learned how to use telepathy when the story began.


A Gothitelle who is the current town oracle of Fenix Town.

  • Psychic Powers: Is a psychic type.
  • Ms Exposition: Informs other character of which mystery dungeons the Axis Tower crystals are hidden in whenever she has a vision revealing said locations. She also later explains the backstory of the town and how one of her ancestors, Cassandra, was involved.
  • Seers: Can predict the future from placement and movement of stars, like other Gothitelle.


A young and rather forgetful Gothorita who is Stella's daughter, and is being taught what she needs to know about being a town oracle as she has recently begun receiving visions of the future.


A young Azurill who loves to go on adventures. She is the daughter of River, who works at the local café. She later evolves into a Marill. As of Chapter 20, she has joined Sera's rescue team.

  • Guest-Star Party Member: Came along with Sera's rescue team on a few adventures, eventually considering joining the team for real. She eventually did become an official member of their team in Chapter 20.
  • Making a Splash: Became a water type after evolving into a Marill. She already knew some water moves before then, though.
  • Super Senses: After evolving, she can hear things from a distance and pick up on even some faint noises, which is one of her most useful skills as a part of Sera's rescue team.
  • Super Strength: She has a pretty strong Slam attack, and while it hasn't been outright stated in-story, her ability is Huge Power.


A young Deino who got himself into trouble when he snuck into the kitchen of the café and stole some cakes. Is currently working at the café in order to make up for it.


The Heracross running the local dojo, and Blitz's mentor.

  • The Confidant: Is the only Pokémon in Fenix Town that Blitz fully trusts with his concerns, and until Chapter 22, the only Pokémon in Fenix Town who knew the real reason why Blitz moved there.
  • Parental Substitute: To Blitz.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Honey. He has at least two cabinets in his kitchen that are filled with nothing but jars of honey.


A Mismagius who lives in Silver Woods. She is Stella's pen pal. She is currently trying to recreate the spell that Pandora used to seal Erebos away.

Other Recurring Characters

Sting's Rescue Team

A rescue team consisting of Sting the Beedrill, Melody the Wigglytuff and Frosty the Beartic.

Mirage's Rescue Team

A rescue team consisting of Mirage the Zoroark, Cordyceps the Parasect and Megara the Magmar.


The Azumarill that runs the local café, and Azure's mother.


An Abra that works at the Rescue Team HQ, tasked with teleporting rescue teams to mystery dungeons. Is usually seen sleeping. Later she also became Elina's tutor in how to communicate via telepathy.

  • Psychic Powers: Is a psychic type.
  • Sleepyhead: Is usually sleeping when we see her, and even when she's awake, she tends to seem rather sleepy.
  • Waking Non Sequitur: Sometimes utters these when rescue teams needing transportation wake her up.

Sera's older siblings (Amethyst, Yoru, Sirena, Flare, Volt)

Sera's five older siblings, each of them being a different Eeveelution. In order from oldest to youngest, Amethyst is an Espeon, Yoru is an Umbreon, Sirena is a Vaporeon, Flare is a Flareon and Volt is a Jolteon.

  • Casting a Shadow: Yoru, due to being a Dark-type Pokemon.
  • Cool Big Sis: Amethyst is seen as one by her siblings, Sirena tried acting like Amethyst in order to be one for Sera before Sera said she was fine as she was.
  • Making a Splash: Sirena, due to being a Water-type Pokemon.
  • Playing with Fire: Flare, due to being a Fire-type Pokemon.
  • Psychic Powers: Amethyst, due to being a Psychic-type Pokemon.
  • Shock and Awe: Volt, due to being an Electric-type Pokemon.


A young Shinx who is Blitz's younger sister. She lives in Lightning Plateau with her mother.



A Sigilyph that stole the Axis Tower crystals and hid them in different parts of the continent. It's later revealed that the true culprit is an evil spirit that is currently possessing the Sigilyph.

  • Big Bad: Of the fic.
  • For Science!: Back when he was a Mismagius, he dabbled in dark magic solely out of curiosity.
  • Psychic Powers: Is part psychic type.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Was sealed inside a magical stone chest by his twin sister, but broke out sometime shortly before the story began from a combination of Pandora's remaining magic having weakened over time and an unfortunate Sigilyph happening to get a bit too close to the chest.

Past Characters


A Gothitelle who was a town oracle in the past, and thus is also one of Stella and Bow's ancestors.

  • Posthumous Character: Has been long dead by the time the story starts, but chapters 34-40 reveal just how she was involved in past events that eventually led to the main plot happening in the present.


A Mismagius that lived in Silver Woods in the past, and Erebos' twin sister.


An Alakazam who was Cassandra's closest friend in their hometown.


A Swampert who lived in Illumine Town.


A Dodrio who lived in Illumine Town.

  • Multiple Head Case: Each of her three heads have a different personality.
  • Posthumous Character: Just like the other characters featured in the backstory of Fenix Town, Era has been long dead by the time the story starts.
  • Shipper on Deck: Her right head clearly ships Cassandra and Simon.