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!!The Lady of Pain
The legendary and enigmatic ruler of Sigil, a towering and feminine humanoid who wears a mantle of myriad blades. She never speaks, relying on her Dabus' to communicate for her, and takes little active interest in running the city on a day-to-day basis. Rather, her concern is the survival of Sigil as a whole, which she appeals through swiftly applied and brutal methods at her own seeming whim.

* AGodIAmNot: Although the Lady's power level is divine at the very least, she refuses to allow others to worship her, swiftly Mazing or Flaying those that do worship her. Some argue that it's because she's an entity of such power that begin called a "mere" god is ''insulting''. It's more commonly accepted, and may be the official explanation, that if she were to allow others to worship her like a god, then that would turn her into an official god, which would collapse the warding around Sigil that keeps gods ''out''.
* AppealToForce: To put it quite bluntly, the Lady rules Sigil because she has the power to curbstomp anything and everything she wants, whenever she wants. [[spoiler:As seen when she utterly ''annihilated'' the Portal God Aoskar ''and'' all his temples ''and'' pretty much all of his worshippers, simultaneously, ''throughout the entire multiverse''.]]
* DeaderThanDead: If the Lady deigns to kill you, then not only do you die without ''any'' saving throws, you can ''never'' be brought back.
* DomainHolder: In Sigil, the Lady of Pain's slightest whim becomes physical reality, and her control over it is in many ways stronger than that of a normal Power's control over their domain.
* FateWorseThanDeath: The Lady's non-lethal punishment of choice, referred to as Mazing, traps the victim in an extradimensional labyrinth of randomized design. Whilst stuck inside, the victim's immortal; unable to age or die from injuries ([[DrivenToSuicide self-inflicted]] or otherwise) or starvation/thirst, possibly leaving them to run the maze for the rest of eternity. This isn't as fun as it sounds, given you're trapped alone in total isolation, [[GoMadFromTheIsolation which doesn't tend to do much for a person's sanity]]. Fortunately, there's ''always'' a way out... ''if'' you can figure it out. However, even this ability to escape is a form of CruelMercy, as it's possible for the offender to exit into a completely different place or time, sometimes thousands of year in the past or future, leaving them no better off than they were when trapped inside of the maze.
* FlayedAlive: The most notorious of the Lady's abilities; when her shadow passes over someone she dislikes, that individual immediately drops dead, spontaneously skinned and slashed to pieces. Worse, this flaying extends to their ''soul'', leaving the sucker DeaderThanDead.
* HumanoidAbomination: The Lady looks surprisingly human-like -- true, she's a StatuesqueStunner, being over seven feet tall, but otherwise she just looks like a woman with a bizarre taste in headdresses. However, the reality is that she's an entity whose powers make her alien and scary to DemonLordsAndArchDevils, Archangels, Faerie Lords and ''Gods'' alike, capable of doing things that otherwise should be impossible.
* InexplicablyAwesome: Even if there are some D&D fans out there who really don't like her, what else can you call a figure about which we know nothing, but who's capable of keeping the collective might of the ''entire multiverse'' at bay through sheer force of will alone?
* LordBritishPostulate: A deliberately invoked aversion; the official rule is to '''never''' stat the Lady of Pain, ensuring that she can '''never''' be formally fought or killed. Incidentally, this actually does lead to player backlash; one of the more common complaints about Sigil is how the ruler literally exists to be invoked as a handy way to [[RocksFallEveryoneDies kill off players the DM has taken a disliking to]].
* NecessarilyEvil: Although the Lady is disliked for her callous indifference punctuated with moments of seemingly whimsical brutality, it is grudgingly acknowledged that without fear of her wrath, Sigil would be an endless battleground between various planar forces, mostly the Blood War.
* TheOldGods: A few individuals suspect that the Lady may belong to a small category of ancient "uber-Powers", beings inherently mightier than the gods who currently rule over the multiverse. The adventure ''Die, Vecna, Die!'' adds fuel to the theory by suggesting that the Lady may be one of the "Ancient Brethren".
* RiddleForTheAges: All details about who the Lady is, where she comes from, what she is, what she wants, how her powers work, etc, are never to be officially solved.
* RocksFallEveryoneDies: It's outright stated in the books that the Lady of Pain is to be used by Dungeon Masters to punish players who they feel are screwing Sigil up too much. She simply pops them into a maze, or, more commonly, chooses that moment to drift across them and reduce them to a greasy red smear with her flaying shadow.
* TheScottishTrope: InUniverse, nobody actually ''calls her'' "The Lady of Pain" if they can avoid it. They much prefer honorifics and euphemisms, like "The Lady" or "Her Bladed Serenity".
* SeriesMascot: She is without a doubt the face of Planescape, or at least Sigil, and her face is the outright logo for the Planescape line.
* ShadowDictator: A variant; she's certainly ''seen'' and only a total barmy thinks she doesn't exist, but she almost never communicates with people except by suddenly flaying or mazing them.
* TailorMadePrison: Not only are her Mazes constructed this way, but many have speculated that Sigil itself may be one for ''her'', hence its common moniker of "The Cage".
* TheVoiceless: The Lady absolutely never speaks, ever. The Dabus, who themselves aren't exactly capable of verbal communication, instead "interpret" her will for her.
* TheWorfEffect: Given her status as the most ungodly powerful creature in the entire multiverse in canon, more than a few Dungeon Masters have had her be defeated or outwitted in some way to give their villains "credibility" -- which hardcore purists scoff. In a canonical example of it, during the events of ''Die, Vecna, Die!'' she is forced to enlist the players' help to intervene with Vecna, as he's managing to hold her off just enough to struggle towards completing his goals of rewriting reality in his own image.

!!A'kin the Friendly Fiend
A cheerful and apparently good-natured male arcanoloth who runs a magic item shop known as the Friendly Fiend.

* AscendedDemon: Seemingly. [[GenreSavvy No Cager really buys it, however]].
* BazaarOfTheBizarre: The store he runs is like this. Surprisingly, many powerful magical items used by Shemeshka have come from here, which only further muddles the waters about what their relationship is.
* NobleFugitive: Fugitive, definitely. He became one by writing ''The Factol's Manifesto''. He claimed to have only good intentions in mind, to expose the corruption of the factions, but the faction leaders, rather understandably, thought otherwise.
* TheRival: To Shemeshka, but to what extent is not known; they may be [[FriendlyEnemy Friendly Enemies]], [[ArchEnemy Arch Enemies]], somewhere in between, or may even shift between the two. What is known is, despite their apparent enmity, they seem to cooperate at times, many of the powerful magical items Shemeshka uses coming from A'kin's store. The biggest indication was in the forward to ''The Factol's Manifesto'', where A'kin (although he didn't reveal himself then) said that Shemeshka and her organization was his biggest source of information for the book, but she eventually double-crossed him and leaked an advance copy to the Mercykillers, thus making him a fugitive.

!!Autochon the Bellringer

A human and the head of Sigil's foremost courier service, the tale of Authochon is a tale of misery and betrayal, one of many that can be laid at the feet of Shemeshka the Marauder. As his success led to growing attacks upon his couriers, stealing or destroying goods, disrupting messages and even killing them, he eventually sought the Arcanaloth's help. She suggested he go to the fearful Temple of the Abyss, bartering with the fiend-priests there for protection for his workers. Autochon did as told, and met Noxana the Unwilling, a female tiefling priestess -- and a fellow member of the Free League. It was love at first sight, and although the contract was struck, promising protection for Autochon's couriers in exchange for always carrying the Temple's missives and goods for free, the two secretly continued to meet for trysts. Unfortunately for Autochon, their love was discovered by a spy, who reported the rendezvous to Noshteroth of the Umber Scales, tiefling high priest of the Temple. Whether he was Noxana's father, lover or both, he flew into a jealous rage and cursed Autochon with the Bells of Bedlam, a punishment normally reserved for those who broke faith. After three days, on the brink of madness, Autochon pleaded with Shemeshka for mercy; the Arcanaloth fitted him in enchanted armor that managed to dull the worst of his curse, and he has been her slave ever since.

* TwentyFourHourArmor: His trademark jingling armor has to be worn at all times, because it's only when he's sealed into it that he has any relief from the Bells of Bedlam curse affecting him.
* {{Curse}}: The Bells of Bedlam, which means he incessantly hears the clamoring of extremely loud bells at all times, without it ever ceasing. It's enough to drive him mad -- and worse, his special armor can't muffle it entirely, it just migates the worst of it, giving him some ability to sleep and retain a tenuous grip on sanity.
* NerdInEvilsHelmet: A variation, in that people expect him to be hideous-looking to fit his fiendish-looking armor, but the reality is that he's quite handsome.

!!Black Marian

A human priestess of Bragi and a member of the Believers of the Source, Black Marian tends to the fabulous Singing Fountain in the Lady's Ward, where in exchange for donations of jink, she will listen to the way the music changes in response to someone drinking from it and use that as a way to divine that donor's future.

* {{Reincarnation}}: Part of the reason for Black Marian's unique ability to divine with the Singing Fountain stems from a strong spiritual connection to her last life. Before she was a human, she was a delphon, a magical, musical, predatory fish from the plane of Oceanus more commonly known as a "songshark".

!!Kesto Brighteyes

A Bytopian gnome illusionist who, after an accidental trip to the Astral Plane exposed him to the corpses of slain Powers, lost all faith in deities. Now a member of the Athar, he runs the Parted Veil; a bookshop in the Lower Ward literally made from books, where he offers knowledge freely to all and can get in just about any book that you want. And we do mean ''any''.

* BadassGrandpa: He's 298 years old, but he's also a level 12 Illusionist, so picking a fight isn't necessarily a smart thing to do. Especially as his best friend Sir Cleve, a paladin turned Bodak who retains his good soul, is always watching out for his little buddy.
* CoolOldGuy: He's almost three centuries old, but still a wise-cracking, knowledge-seeking, free-thinking fellow who wants others to just be the best people they can possibly be.
* MyGreatestFailure: He was the one who summoned Saure out of Carceri, and he's aghast at the way the Athar have taken to using her as a weapon against religious people. He constantly sends missives to Factol Terrence, pleading with him to put an official stop to this dehumanizing treatment of Saure.


A firre eladrin who is infamous throughout Sigil for her efforts to drum up support for the Planarists, hoping to push her hatemongering creed from a mere Sect to a full-fledged Faction. It's possible she may be either an ally of Koe, and the whole anti-Prime screed is just a tool she's using to help leverage his plans of promoting the fiends to destroy each other by supplying them with weapons. Then again, she might be a dupe of Koe's whose antics, although sincerely believed, are ultimately just a tool that Koe is using to obfuscate his plans.

* EveryoneHasStandards: Sigil may be full of arrogant fools who dismiss the Prime, but even so, Cirily's efforts to drum up outright racism aren't doing very well.
* FantasticRacism: Is the founder of the Planarists, a small and verbal Sigil-focused Sect dedicated to expelling all Primes from Sigil and the Outer Planes.
* IncendiaryExponent: Like all firres, Cirily can transform between the form of an angelic elf and a sentient ball of fire.

!!Wooly Cupgrass

A bariaur Sensate and alchemist, Wooly is famous for his bizarre method of testing every possible potion, oil, scent or poison a person could hope to identify: he drinks it. In fact, he may end up drinking the entire sample, which makes using him to identify such things rather risky. Still, the novelty of his methods keeps customers coming, and Wooly himself certainly wants to keep going; he's utterly addicted to his bizarre drinking habit.

* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: Zigzagged. Consuming countless toxins, alchemical concoctions and magical potions has made Wooly extremely resistant to their effects -- however, he's not ''totally'' resistant, and occasionally succumbs to whatever he's drunk, especially if it's new to him.
* AlchemyIsMagic: He's so skilled at alchemy that he can brew up magical potions, ointments, perfumes and so forth. One could even argue it's fitting to change his class from Apothecary to Eremite[[note]]a variant Wizard class that can only perform magic by brewing potions, introduced after ''Uncaged: Faces of Sigil'' was written[[/note]].
* TheAlcoholic: A variant in that he's addicted to consuming alchemical and magical potions, rather than mere booze, but the trope otherwise stands. It's well known that a risk you take from giving him a taste test is that he may chug the lot right there and then.
* TheDandy: Bariaurs tend to be vain and foppish anyway, but Wooly takes it to an extreme even by their standards. He smothers himself in powders and oils meant to nullify his natural musk (to the point most people think he stinks more ''now'' than he did before) and shears his upper body down to the skin to look more fashionable.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: According to ''Uncaged: Faces of Sigil'', Wooly was once an aspiring apothecary for his tribe on the Outlands, but an attempt to cure the chieftain's sick daughter with one of his own potions killed her because he accidentally used spoiled ingredients. He started testing his potions on himself after that, but turned into an addict and began guzzling all of his own creations. Eventually, it got so bad that his tribe kicked him out, and he came to Sigil because he knew he couldn't make it as part of a flock anymore.
* DeathSeeker: It's subtly implied that guilt over the death of the chieftain's daughter means there's a part of Wooly that wants to die in atonement.
* ProfessorGuineaPig: His addiction to guzzling potions and ointments stems from his habit of taste-testing his own potions first, to make sure they work.


!!Adamok Ebon



A mysterious "fallen Dabus", supposedly disowned by the Lady of Pain for becoming a priest of the dead god Aoskar -- indeed, it's commonly whispered that it was his conversion to Aoskar that prompted the Lady to move against him and destroy him. He now runs a tattoo business and is a member of the Sign of One faction.

* BrokenAngel: He's a fallen Dabus, disowned by the Lady of Pain, unable to float.
* DoomMagnet: Not really, but most residents of Sigil are ''afraid'' he might turn into one. After all, he double-crossed the Lady, and it's very possible she might just be biding her time. People tend to avoid him, not wanting to be around if she ever does come to punish him more severely.
* RealityWarper: On a limited scale. Occasionally, the tattoos he creates with his rebus speak become real items or even creatures (with limited duration). He has very limited control over this, and it more often than not happens unintentionally.
* SemiDivine: It's rumored InUniverse that he might be a Proxy -- a direct servitor of a Power (in this case Aoskar) who is imbued with special divine powers as a result. His stablocks in both ''Uncaged: Faces of Sigil'' and ''Doors to the Unknown'' confirm that this is the case, and he can cast Dimensional Folding, Surelock, Plane Shift, Astral Spell and Gate as a 17th level cleric. Exactly ''how'' divine he is has become somewhat confusing: in 2nd edition "proxy" meant "directly responds to a deity and is given divine magic as a result" -- essentially a cleric with a little extra oomph, but in 3rd edition, "proxy" meant "imbued with a share of a deity's own divine strength", becoming a demigod or lesser god, the sort of thing 4th edition would proceed to dub an "exarch".
* StarfishLanguage: Like all Dabus, he speaks in a visual language of rebus puzzles. Fortunately, a helpful customer who frequented his tattoo parlor often put together a guide for understanding the language of the Dabus, which he sells there too.

!!Judge Gabberslug

!!The Grixitt

!!Hary Hatchis


!!Jemorille the Exile

* NeverMyFault: In ''Uncaged'', Jemorille proudly talks about being responsible for the creation and subsequent destruction of the Temple of Elemental Evil on [[TabletopGame/{{Greyhawk}} Oerth]], counseling Rajaat on arcane magic on [[TabletopGame/DarkSun Athas]], and uniting warring kingdoms on [[TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms Faerun]] by giving them a common enemy. He insists that he should receive no blame for the fact that the first led to an Abyssal lord escaping to bedevil the land, the second led to Rajaat's genocidal ecology-destroying wars, and the third was achieved by planting the idea of attacking the Sword Coast in the Khahan's mind in the first place.
* SmallNameBigEgo



* FamousAncestor: Maybe; many people who are in the know about Shemeshka's protection of Kylie have speculated that the Arcanaloth is actually Kylie's mom and the tiefling doesn't know it.
* SmallNameBigEgo: She thinks she's the hottest stuff to ever hit Sigil's streets, boasting about how she's able to run rings around Autochon and Shemeshka. The reality is that Authochon hasn't killed her yet because Shemeshka has told him not to. In fact, she's forcing him to ''protect her'', which is where a lot of Kylie's success really stems from.

!!Lissandra the Gate-Seeker



!!Morvun & Phineas

* AllTrollsAreDifferent: They're Fensir, an extraplanar race of ChaoticNeutral trolls native to Ysgard, defined by, amongst other things, innate magic and almost always being born as twins. And even by Fensir standards they're odd, as the two lack any real talent for magic, which is normally an inherent birthright for Fensire males.
* {{Beatnik}}: They belong to the Bleak Cabal's musical brotherhood, who're known as [[IncrediblyLamePun "Bleakniks"]] -- thematically, they're Beatniks with maybe a dash of Goth.
* MuggleBornOfMages: Male Fensir normally have innate spell-like abilities, but Morvun and Phineas just never got the hang of it.
* ProperlyParanoid: Despite the fact that they've been living in Sigil for years without its light turning them to stone, the twins still maintain a stockpile of petrification cures all the same -- which is a particularly good idea, given the very nature of Sigil means that they could fall through a portal to some place with ''real'' sunlight at any moment.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Morvun is convinced of his skills as a Bleaknik poet, but the plain and simple truth of it is that he's just a hack. The rare decent bits of morbid poetry he comes up with are actually [[spoiler:given to him in his dreams by Xideous]]. Phineas, on the other hand, is a genuinely talented musician; he's painfully aware of how inept Morvun is, but his loyalty to his twin keeps him from trying to illuminate him on how bad he really is.
* TakenForGranite: Like all Fensir, they turn to stone if exposed to sunlight. The weird luminescence that emanates from Sigil doesn't have this effect, but the brothers stockpile antidote potions against it just in case.

!!"Sly" Nye


!!Parakk the Ratcatcher



* BitchInSheepsClothing: [[spoiler:An Aasimar, a creature expected to be of goodly alignment, who is secretly aligned with Ly'kritch to capture souls in hopes of finding one she can use to help her exert control over Sigil.]]


!!Alluvius Ruskin



* BornLucky: Things just kept going right for this little Mephit from the moment it was created. Of course, it's anyone's guess how long his luck will hold.
* OverlyLongName: Because it's actually three names all mashed together. When he was created, his creator mused whether he wanted to call him "Seamus", "Xanthus" or "Zenus" -- the mephit promptly demanded all three names.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Like all Mephits, Seamusxanthuszenus is incredibly full of himself, despite being a fairly small and puny creature.

!!Shemeshka the Marauder
A female (or is she?) arcanoloth/ravaasta (in 4e) who is infamous throughout Sigil for being a fabulously wealthy business owner ''and'' the master of the biggest and best guild of spies, thieves and assassins in all the Cage, a position that has earned her the title "King of the Crosstrade".

* AmbiguousGender: Dresses, acts like, calls "herself" and is referred to as a female... but her profile writeup in the "Uncaged: Faces of Sigil" sourcebook officially lists her gender with a male symbol. Later works, however, use a female symbol. Not helped by the fact that all yugoloths are {{hermaphrodite}}s, according to the "Faces of Evil: The Fiends" sourcebook.
* BerserkButton: Her temper is infamously volatile, but the surest ways to tick her off? Ask why she doesn't call herself "Queen of the Crosstrade", or mention A'kin the Friendly Fiend.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: IncrediblyLamePun aside (arcanoloths look like [[PettingZooPeople anthropomorphic jackals]], ravaasta look like equally anthropomorphic foxes), as sweet, friendly and generally affable as she acts, Shemeshka is still a highly dangerous fiend and, more importantly, has a savage temper that is easily unleashed.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Of the [=NPCs=] of Planescape, she may easily be one of the best known, besides the Lady of Pain herself. When the 4th edition "Manual of the Planes" sourcebook was released, Shemeshka was one of the very few Planescape [=NPCs=] to make the edition jump. Indeed, one could argue that the Arcanoloths survived the transition and became the Ravaastas mainly due to her impact on Planescape.
* FlipFlopOfGod: Whether or not Shemeshka is a transwoman or a ciswoman; as mentioned, "Uncaged" says she is male, while other sourcebooks say she is female. "Faces of Evil", meanwhile, pretty much makes it canon that it's all up to what she considers herself to be, since as an arcanoloth she's biologically hermaphroditic.
* HairTriggerTemper: Shemeshka's temper, and the spontaneity with which she'll fly into a berserk rage, is infamous throughout Sigil.
* InterspeciesRomance: It's a common rumor that the reason Shemeshka hasn't moved against her would-be rival, the tiefling Kylie, is because she gave birth to her after a liason with a human man.
* MamaBear: If Kyle truly is her daughter, the Trope applies; hurting her is off limits if Shemeshka has anything to say about it. As Autochron the Bellringer discovered, Kyle seems be under Shemeshka's protection.
* SheIsTheKing: Shemeshka is ''always'' referred to as the King of the Crosstrade -- and don't you forget it!
* SissyVillain: Whether or not you believe she's male, Shemeshka is still very flamboyant and effeminate. She iconically favors wearing a dress made of thousands of small blue/green/violet beads, and she adorns herself with beads, jewellery, bracelets and rings to the point of garishness, as others have noted (but rarely commented on). She's also incredibly vain and fussy about her grooming; she always has to be meticulously beautiful and she surrounds herself with "groomer-guards", one of whom carries a full-length mirror and the rest of whom have the main responsibility of keeping her immaculately clean and beautiful, at all times.
** Of course, the groomer-guards are also [[BattleButler her most deadly assassins and serve as bodyguards]], whilst the mirror is a powerful magical item (a "Mirror of Mental Prowess") that enables her to scry people even across the boundary of planes, teleport to any place she is scrying, read thoughts and perform divinations. (The one in charge of holding the mirror, Colcook, is the servant who's worked for her the longest, and the one she trusts the most. [[spoiler:Unbeknownst to her he's actually Jemorile the Exile in disguise, [[TheChessmaster the rilmani]] who is assigned to Sigil.]]
* {{Transsexual}}: It's obscured by time, and canonically dubious (see FlipflopOfGod) but, a fan willing to track down the 2nd edition "Uncaged: Faces of Sigil" sourcebook will discover that Shemeshka the Marauder is actually male. She just looks like a woman, dresses like a woman, and insists on being referred to by feminine pronouns.
* UnknownRival: While she becomes enraged if someone mentions A'kin in her presence, no-one ''dares'' mention Zadara, a titan and member of the Merkants who Shemeshka hates not only because her financial and business connections give her more influence in Sigil, but because Zadara is a more influential ''female'' resident. (Of course, the ''most'' influential female resident is the Lady herself, but no-one ever points that out to Shemeshka.) It's unlikely Shemeshka will ever try to make a move against Zadara, though; Zadara ''is'' a titan, who killed ''two'' pit fiends who invaded her house, personally. (There are witnesses to back this up.)
* WhipItGood: When angry or actually attacked, Shemeshka's preferred weapon is to break off a vine from her razorvine headdress and use it as a lethally barbed whip.




!!The Us

The largest known swarm of Cranium Rats in all of Sigil, The Us grew in such power that they were able to realize Ilsensine's tyrannous grasp on their mind, rebel against it, and even break free. Now it hides in the run-down parts of Sigil, working to grow larger and larger until its powers are great enough to kill Ilsensine and free all Cranium Rats.

* JoinOrDie: Any Cranium Rats it catches are given a simple choice; become part of The Us, or be slain.
* NecessarilyEvil: How they view their need to kill Cranium Rats that won't become part of The Us -- it's a sad thing, but they're not ready to fight Ilsensine just yet, and so they need to make sure that Ilsensine never finds out about their goals.


!!The Will of the One




* BadassBookworm: She's a skilled merchant and moneylender in her own right, but she's also a Titan and possessed of huge power. Like the time two Pit Fiends, the most powerful form of Baatezu beneath [[DemonLordsAndArchDevils the Nine]], attacked her in her own house and she killed them both effortlessly.
* DropTheHammer: Carries an ''enormous'' Titan-scaled greathammer, which is capable of shooting thunderbolts.