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Characters: Phoenix Daughters Series
     Phoenix Daughters 

Annamaria "Maria" Angela Tatlia

The Hero. Eagerly awaited her activation, only to find out what trouble it caused. Eventually, becomes The Heart for the team and manages to make sure everything's okay.

Her ability is that if a gaze is held long enough, she can gain a person's entire past. (As in memories)

Phenica Tatlia

Spirit Advisor. Is called a "second" in that she is an old spirit co-existing with Maria. Rarely does having a second end well. Hopes to end that.


Her ability is similar to Maria's but only with thoughts. Combined, they are masters at manipulation.


A mermaid with no singing ability, meaning that the traditional route of becoming a human by singing a person to doom is out. Looking for an alternative way out and maybe it's love?

She was taken into mermaid-hood as a baby because she was found by a mermaid when her country revolted against royalty.

Her ability is that she can transform into any animal but prefers fish. Uses it mostly to hide as an average goldfish.


An anthro badger ex-teenage prostitute who is just looking for a new start in life and joins in on the action. Becomes The Big Guy / The Lancer. Continues against her former employer. Also thanks to an amnesia incident, fell in love with a human.

Her ability grants her extreme endurance. She needs it for the massive amounts of ground manipulation she does.


Happily Adopted Spoiled Sweet Heroic Albino. While her appearance may frighten some people, her kindness endears her. Turns out to be a prophesied savior-or-destructor of a vampiric cult her birth-father runs.

Her ability is Super Strength.

     Main allies 


Childhood Friend of Maria and Andrew, he recently reappears in their life, to reveal he wants to save his sister from Hectria.


Twin brother of Maria, he is initially jealous of all the attention she received despite being in the loop. It wears off over time and he joins in after touching up on his swordplay.

  • Ancestral Weapon: When Maria gets the legendary blade of Coratio, she gives it to him.
  • Backup Twin: It isn't used though both know that this is the case and it puts a strain on their relationship.
  • Love Interest: Attracted to Christa. Maria approves.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Didn't like how Maria got all the attention even if it was justified. As he understands why she takes on that role, he softens up.

The Traveler AKA Prince Adam

A mysterous anthro Walking the Earth doing great deeds of justice, even to humans! He finds himself drawn to a certain city and is inexplicably attracted to Maria, despite being human. Turns out he's supposed to be Maria's mate. Both are are a little unnerved by this. Also found out is that he's a prince who's ducking out on his duties and escaping an Arranged Marriage.

Coratio and Tatlia

Precursors and Famous Ancestors. Coratio is know for being a rare male head Tatlian, because his sister didn't want the responsibility and Tatlia founded the clan. Phenica is Tatlia's daughter.

Angela and Antonio Tatlia

Parents of Annamaria and Andrew. They are in on the loop and try to provide moral support and excuses for why these kids are so tired.

  • Good Parents: Parental Favoritism aside, they do care for their children. It doesn't mean that they have to like the fact that they are The Chosen One but realize that there's no use crying over what can't be changed.
  • Mysterious Past: While not secret with Maria and Phenica, she keeps the fact that her father was a scientist in a controversial human/anthro genetic experiment safe.
  • Team Parents: Being in on it allows them to be one for the entire team.
  • Open Minded Parent: In fact, the precursors contacted them first and told them. Angela was pretty informed about the feud beforehand but when you get told that your daughter and/or son is going to be in danger and there's nothing you can do, you prepare.


Helen "Hectria"

A seemingly normal girl but is really possessed by a malevolent spirit of her ancestor. The girls main objective is to find a way to destroy the spirit without killing the "host".



The Superpowered Evil Side lurking within the amulet. No Name Given, until her orgins are revealed. She was a murder of The Fair Folk she's from and latched onto Coratio.

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