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Characters: Persona Rising Reverie High School
A page that details all the player controlled High school characters on the site. For more characters, return to the index here.

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Kristina Lee

Tobias Rothschild

Ai Shiro

Kyosuke Taikietsu

Akatsuki Kurimu

Fei Lian

Shiro Higanbana

Katherine L. Kurenai


Isaac Langley

Alicia Quinn

Hotaru Hoshakuji

Aaron Routakorpi

Jhonathan Diaz

Joseph Cross

Anri Fuyunaito

Thomas Reid "Tory" Walsen

Lukas Gordon

Aaron Spades

Riley MacGregor

Hayate Hikue

Brendan Kuragya

Altaria Alterlun

Cid Alderlaine

Claudia Seawell

Elaheh Rashidi

Felizitas Rosenthal

Grant Ridley

Robin Miles

Sora Hikari

Yoshima Nakayama


Nia Young

Travis Lance

Ensolielle Valentine

Alexander Glade

Pamella Bolivar

Fion Galon

Joshua Harper


Claire Valliere

Hakuro Kuroda

Masato Fukuda

Rei Takeda

Elric Valir

Claus Lytton

Shu Mikami

Conrad Shepherd

Duke Wolfe

Kayne Gravesworth

Elijah Hayes

Lyra Hart

Lysander Walker

Maxina Rasren

  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Exceedingly mild compared to most versions of the trope, Maxina still takes time out of his schedule to help people. This even extended to Ai after she assaulted him
  • Gratuitous Hawaiian: A byproduct of his being raised on the island state.
  • Last Name Basis: With everyone, for some reason.
  • Limit Break: Kapua Hāuaua, a giant rainstorm that swamps enemies with a powerful, water-based attack that drops their defenses.
  • Making a Splash
  • Nice Hat: A black skullcap
  • Power Tattoo: Maxina's Persona Armor takes the form of Polynesian-inspired tattoo art that glows a soft yellow-orange.
  • Simple Staff: Maxina's Persona Weapon, a type of Māori weapon called a taiaha
  • Tsundere Type A, it's even referenced in his character profile
  • Why Did It Have To Be Dogs?

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