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    Bringers of Chaos 
The main antagonists of Season 3 entitled, Dawn of Chaos.

Sharon Rivers/Sailor Charon/Chaos (OC)note 

May the Dawn of Chaos escalate forth.
Voiced by: Veronica Taylor
Sailor Pluto's Evil Twin sister. She kidnaps Pluto at the beginning of Season 3, then disguises herself as an "amnesiac" Setsuna and infiltrates the Kuiper Sensh/Neo Senshi camp. Her civilian identity is also apparently the secretary to Paradais Corp. CEO, Jeremiah Grand. Charon and The Prophet seem to be lovers. She is in fact Chaos itself, the ultimate Sailor Moon villain. How she became evil was of pure jealousy by Pluto's attention to their father, Lord Chronos. Thus, Charon actually already sold her existence so that Chaos can be free from imprisonment and control her malicious motives.

Jeremiah Grand/The Prophet (OC)note 

If they can survive this day, they will have proven their worth as this universe's protectors.
Voiced by: Paul St Peter (The Prophet), Michael Adamthwaite (Jeremiah Grand)
After the fall of Dartz, the Paradais Corp. fell into bankruptcy and was purchased by Jeremiah Grand, who built it back up into a leading corporation. Exactly what his role in recent events is uncertain, but he seems to have some idea what his secretary, Sharon Rivers, is up to. He is also the Prophet, he seems to be indirectly manipulating the timestream in a giant gambit but to what ends is currently unknown.

For information about his real self, see Millenniummon.

Nix (OC)note 

Voiced by: Chris Cason
One of Charon's minions. Nix is an ugly, hunchbacked demon. Nix was first seen working with Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, however, it turns out he was sent by Charon to report on the Neo Animamates's progress in capturing the Kuiper Senshi's Star Seeds. In the initial attack in Season 3, Nix is seen once again antagonizing the Kuiper Senshi. Named for Nix, one of the moons orbiting Pluto/Charon.

Hydra (OC)note 

Voiced by: Laura Bailey
Charon's other minion. Hydra is a strikingly beautiful woman with snake-headed tentacles sprouting out of her back. Hydra aided in the kidnapping of Sailor Pluto, and fought the Planetary Senshi shortly thereafter. Named for Hydra, the other moon orbiting Pluto/Charon.

Igasu the Blood Moon (OC)

Voiced by:

KingBasilikmon (OC)note 

Voiced by:
The evolved form of Basiliskmon.

Grendelmon/Ymirmon (OC)note 

Voiced by: Patrick Seitz


Voiced by: Richard Epcar

Najadramon (OC) note 

Voiced by:
The evolved form of Medusamon.

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The End of Days... is here.
->Voiced by: Steve Blum

The TRUE identity of Jerimiah Grand/The Prophet. He first appeared in his cloaked Prophet appearance as a cameo way back in the original version of Wrath of Pharaohmon in Chapters 41 and 44.

    Professor Frank and Company 
The main antagonists of Yugioh's side.

Professor Frank

Voiced by: Tom Wayland
After his duel with Luna in the Fortune Cup, Professor Frank's mind was trapped in the Duel Monsters Spirit World, where he was constantly hounded by Regulus. After being saved by Sailor Charon (who had just been released from a 1000 year temporal prison), he is sent back 1001 years to prevent the defeat of Charon and The Prophet. The Charon in the past (or the present, in regards to the story) uses her contacts in Paradais to secure Frank a position as the new head of Slifer Red, following Professor Banner's disappearance. Frank uses his position to recruit the Paradais Knights and equip them with technology he brought back from the future. He is finally defeated by the duelists in Chapter 56.

Paradais Knights

A group of disgruntled Slifer Red students led by three Psychic Duelists (the Grand Knights) who trained them to withstand actual attacks from Duel Monsters. After the Kaiba Corp. Solid Vision System is hacked and the safeties are removed, the Paradais Knights terrorize the city and force hapless duelists into duels with actual damage, thanks to the Duel Cuffs (the same kind Yusei and The Enforcers used), destroying the Duel Disks of the losers.
  • Expies: The three Grand Knights are this to Raphael, Alister, and Valon.

Gus Payne/Zealoss (OC)

Voiced by:
One of the triumvirate of Paradais Grand Knights. Has his eyes set on Yugi.

Hector Armstrong/Grapplo (OC)

Voiced by:
One of the triumvirate of Paradais Grand Knights. Has his eyes set on Jaden.

Drake Savage/Dragoon (OC)

Voiced by:
One of the triumvirate of Paradais Grand Knights. Has his eyes set on Yusei.

Earthbound Immortals

The seven god monsters of the Nazca Lines that are under Frank's control.

Earthbound Immortal Uru

Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu

Earthbound Immortal Cusillu

Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua

Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca

Duel Monster Army

Duel Monsters summoned by the Earthbound Immortals in Chapter 56.

Cusillu’s Army (Zeman the Ape King, Ape Fighters, Ape Magicians, Dark Tuner Dark Apes, Ancient Crimson Apes, Green Baboons, Berserk Gorillas, Voltic Kongs, Monkey Troops)

Uru’s Army (Underground Arachnid, Jirai Gumos, Ground Spiders, Informer Spiders, Mother Spiders, Relinquished Spiders, Spyder Spiders, Dark Spiders, Dark Tuner Spider Cocoons)

Aslla Piscu’s Army (Simorgh Bird of Ancestry, Stealth Birds, D.D. Crows, Atmospheres, Firebirds, Fushi no Toris, Battlestorms, evil Birdfaces, Evilswarm Hraesvelgs, Blizzard Falcons, Heraldic Beast Twin-Headed Eagles, Heraldic Beast Berners Falcons, Punished Eagles, Rallis the Star Birds)

Ccarayhua’s Army (Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes, Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes, Razor Lizards, Balloon Lizards, Sinister Serpents, Gagagigos, Evil Dragon Anantas, Reptilianne Gardnas, Reptilianne Gorgon, Reptilianne Servants, Reptilianne Vipers, Glaze Lizards, Serpentine Princesses, Destruction Cyclones, Firestorm Prominences, Radiant Spirits, Raging Earths, Silent Abysses, Umbral Souls)

Ccapac Apu’s Army (Infernity Necromancer, Infernity Archfiends, Infernity Destroyers, Infernity Dwarves, Armored Zombies, Barons of the Fiend Sword, Headless Knights, Earls of the Demise, Vorse Raiders, Infernity Knights, Infernity General, Humanoid Giants)

Chacu Challhua’s Army (Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus, Airorcas, Flyfangs, Skystarrays, Great Whites, Jellyfishes, Needle Sunfish, Big Jaws, Skull Kraken, Spearfish Soldiers, Sea Lancers, Sea King Dragons, Water Dragons, Mermaid Archers, Gemini Lancers)

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