Characters / Paladin

Characters appearing in Paladin, a Death Note Fan Fic

The main cast

Light Yagami / Kira

"The Hero" of the story. He's a serial killing mass murderer but otherwise a Nice Guy to be around.


The Shinigami attached to Light and also his ancestor.

L / Ryuuzaki

The Genius Detective who is hunting Kira... until he was so badly traumatized at the hands of Beyond that he his mind has gone into a fugue state.

Naomi Misora

Touta Matsuda

Teru Mikami

B / Beyond Birthday / Rue Ryuuzaki

K / Dr. Kimiko Kujo

Daisuke Matoba

Supporting Characters:



Sayu Yagami

Soichiro Yagami

Miyuki Sanami

Kanzo Mogi

Rin BukimiA nurse who was killing her patients and a member of the Bukimi family...

Mukido BukimiA member of the Bukimi family that attacks Light and Sayu.

Isamu and Katsumi Misora




Misa Amane

Dr. Nakaido

Maki Nakaido

Y426 (Volk) and Y427 (Lisá)

Mello’s henchmen.

Dr. Kagami

Mitsuko Yaminaka