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For My Original Character:

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The Champions of Magic

    Champions of Magic 
Six Chosen Human Planeswalkers that by five God that keep the Magic in Gensokyo (and anywhere) in check. Chosen by the Weapons they Wield.

Also take a look at my Characters in the The Crossroad them for some more tropes about the five.

Tropes for All Six:

     Paul Miller 

Paul Miller


White Champion of Morality & Order.

     Max Saibaa 

Max "Laxup" Saibaa


Blue Champion of Logic and Technology.

An Cybernetics Man whated to Get the World.

     Edward Mc Deviant 

Edward McDeviant


Black Champion of Parasitism and Amorality.

Paul's Beat Firend.

     Sore Hikari 

Sore Thunder Hikari


Red Champion of Chaos and Impulse.

One of Paul's friend and maybe have a Relationship and still have feeling for him.

     Ni Fureya 

Ni Fureya


Green Champion of Instinct & Interdependence.

     Tekuno Sekkai 

Tekuno "Techno Lime" Sekkai

(Artwork and Walfas)

Edward's Girlfriend, Pinku's Best Friend (and also girlfriend), The Champion of All Magic and Boccob's Daughter.

     Kelly Bluecold 

Kelly Bluecold
(Artwork and Walfas)

One of Paul's friend and his ex-girlfriend.

     Kari Miller 

Kari Miller
(Artwork and Walfas)

Paul's Younger Sister, (But Not the Only One, Also having two Brother)

Touhou/Walfas-Club Added Tropes.

     Pinku Rose 

Pinku Rose
(Artwork and Walfas)

A Friend of Techno Lime from Japan.

     The Kappa Mob

The Kappa Mob

They're was Only added on Touhou/Walfas-Club

     The Mana Gods 

Five Mana Gods of Gensokyo

Five Goddess of the All Five Color Magic in Gensokyo (and what remind on Earth)

Ichi 'One' Alpha, White God of Morality & Order.

The God of Morality, Order and Light.

Cal Culator, Blue God of Logic & Technology.

The God of Logic, Technology and Water.

Grim Blackside, Black God of Parasitism & Amorality.

The God of Parasitism, Amorality and Darkness.

Kasai, Red Goddess of Chaos & Impulse.

The Goddess of Chaos, Impulse and Fire.

Gaia Shiki, Green Goddess of Instinct & Interdependence.

The God of Instinct and Interdependence.



The Maker of the Five Mana Gods. Known as the Dungeons & Dragons's God of Magic. Wild he's just a Planeswalker Now, he still they God to them. He is also Rho former friend.



Paul and Alice's Child.

She was Only added on Touhou/Walfas-Club, and Being the Child of Alice.

     Overlord Rho 

Overlord Rhodes

The Dragon King, The Horror Murder, The Father of the Voldwalker, The Shadow of Magic. He is my answers for my own part of ChaosOverlordZ's Character Zero.

     The Voidwalker 
The Voidwalker the Five Evil being made be the Void as the weapon to end the Planeswalker of Gensokyo.

All Five

Hubris Miller the Black Voidwalker

Carolus Saibaa the Red Voidwalker

Yarost McDeviant the Green Voidwalker

Ararinda Thunder Hikari the White Voidwalker

  • Light is Not Good: Don't be fool, just because she have White Voidwalker don't make her less evil then the other.
  • Epic Flail: Flail of Law to Sore's Axe of Chaos and Impules.

Leila Fureya the Blue Voidwalker


Ren "Omega" Miller

Alternate of Paul's Old Friend's Ren, with Paul's Life and was Rho right-hand man.
  • Dual Wielding: With his Own's Sword of Morality & Order and Dagger of Parasitism and Amorality.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Once he have find out about Colorless God was Sealed and was almost set free By Rho's action.
    • And Again, at the same time as he 1st betrayal Rho time. Only to this time, it because he now see Rho is indeed is outright Mad.
    • Heel–Face Revolving Door: He was working Rho again, but only because Rho have no other friends beside him.
  • Telepathy: Seeing that he is a Satori.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Because of the Two Mana Weapons, He is both an White and Black Champion.

     Locke Crimson 

Locke Crimson

Paul's Best Friend in the Post-Scratch / Post-Age of Chaos.

     Kiiro Acier 

Kiiro Acier

     Other Characters 

Roz Atsuihi

Gurn Atsuihi

Tom the Bartender

Nami Aqua Mizu

Celes Aounabara

     Simon Inconnus 

Simon Inconnus

The Grey Champions of Non-Magic.


Colress The Colorless God

The Antagonist for The Magic-less Month.

     My Author Avatars 

P Miller 1, Paul Miller One, The Psi (with the Eye)

More or less, Myself as an Author Avatars.
  • Author Appeal: Swimsuit, It the Whold reason why evreyone have a Appeal to Swimming Wear!!
  • Buffy Speak: Everyone know I'm a Bad Speller, But I trying.
  • One of Us: Well Yes. But know that alrealy.