Characters: Other YYGDM Villains

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    Neo Animamates 

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

Voiced by:

Sailor Pewter Fox

Voiced by:

Sailor Titanium Kerokko

Voiced by:

Sailor Chi

Voiced by:

Sailor Phi

Voiced by:

Sailor Lethe

Voiced by:

Sailor Mnemosyne

Voiced by:

    Arcadian Cross 

Zagato Laharl (OC)

Voiced by: Jonathan Adams

Angelia/Aya Tsuki (OC)

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle
  • Actor Allusion: It's how Aya teams up with Atroticus (not lasted though).
  • Expy: Similar to Kang's wife, along with traits of KOS-MOS (Xenosaga), Yuki Nagato (Haruhi Suzumiya), and Aya (Green Lantern the Animated Series).
  • Heel-Face Turn

Yyenesa (OC)

Voiced by:

Vergo (OC)

Voiced by:

Perser (OC)

Voiced by:

Arcadian Drones (OC)

    Misc. Villains 

Yami Bakura/Zorc

Voiced by: Ted Lewis

Nemesis (OC)

Voiced by: Caitlin Glass

Draco (OC)

Voiced by:
The first Taiyoukai appearing in Invasion of the Rajita.

Kiba (OC)

Voiced by:

Medusamon (OC)

Voiced by:

Shinobu Sensui

Voiced by: Robert McCollum

The Sandman (OC)

Voiced by:

The Weepers

Apophis (OC)

Voiced by:

Cult of Apophis


Voiced by: Paul St. Peter
Revive as a zombie by Madoudramon Titan Mode in Chapter 58 of Dawn of Chaos.

Chaos Magician Girl

Voiced by:
A character who will be the main antagonist for Neos United.


Voiced by:
A character who will be the main antagonist for Valkyries Advent.

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