Characters / Operation Flashpoint

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     United States Armed Forces 

David Armstrong

Robert Hammer

Sam Nichols

  • Ace Pilot: Subverted. While he's pretty skilled in piloting various transport and attack choppers, he himself admits (and even lampshades) his inexperience in flying the A-10 Thunderbolt and other fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Distressed Dude: Captured by the Soviets when his plane was shot down in Kolgujev. He managed to escape afterwards.
  • The Hero
  • Player Character

James Gastovski

Papa Bear

Caper Blake

Arnold Berghoff

Jack Fuller

  • Sergeant Rock
  • What the Hell, Player?: If the player gives his position away while ambushing the Soviet tank column attacking La Pessagne, he'll chastise him.
    Fuller: Are you insane, Armstrong?! This is meant to be a covert operations!

John Fowley

Ernst Kozlowski

Peter Bormioli

  • Father to His Men - Bormioli is pretty old compared to the rest of the platoon, and he often chastises his fellow soldiers like a parent would.

     Soviet Armed Forces 

Alexei Vasilievich Guba

Dimitri Lukin

Angelina Malevich


Yevgeni Rebrov


     Everon Freedom Alliance/Freedom and Independence Army 

Viktor Troska



Stoyan Yaktovich


Ian Stoyan

Sergei Gretsky

Tasmanian Devil