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Characters: Nexus Renegade-Antagonists
    Timothy "Tidus" 
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Timothy, or “Tidus” is the major antagonist of Nexus Renegade. He is the person that Ryu has been searching for and is the main reason behind why Ryu was sent to this universe.

Tidus is a fifteen year old boy and comes from a family of poachers. His family was always tracked down by Police Officers and so he frequently had to move. Because of this he was quite a lonely boy and never got a chance to make friends with anyone. The only friend he had was an injured Ralts that he took care of and raised as his own. Eventually, his parents were caught and taken away by Police Officers, resulting in the boy being adopted into an orphanage. The other kids treated him poorly and thought that he was a “freak” because of his unnatural white hair and treated him as a criminal because of his heritage. This bitterness of not fitting in started to increase with each passing day for Timothy until finally, he couldn't take it anymore and wanted a world where "everyone was the same'' so that he would not feel left out.

One day when he was looking into the sky, he saw a rift (where Palkia and Dialga where fighting) and was absolutely captivated by their presence. He started researching about time and space and found out that the world was balanced due to their control of time and space. He came to the idea that if he were to disrupt the balance of these beings and in that opportunity control them, then he could disrupt the world enough to recreate it. He escaped from the orphanage with the Ralts that his parents left him and left for other regions, looking recruit other humans who had the same ideals as himself.

Even though Tidus is mentally unstable, he cares for his subordinates and actually plays by the rules. He never allows himself to show any emotion as noted by his companion Gallade and has never smiled once. He finds Ryu quite interesting and wants him to join his side as well. The reason for this is because he learns that both Ryu and himself have had troubled pasts with "fitting" in and were considered outcasts. Both of their ideals clash with one another, as Ryu wants to become strong to prove a point that anyone can become powerful with enough training, but Tidus wants to use his strength to make a world where everyone fits in the same.

The only Pokemon that is shown in his possession isGallade


Cain is one of Tidus’s followers, and is the most loyal of them all. He is fifteen years old and comes from the Hoenn region. As a young child, Cain had an unusual connection towards the world and was able to see and communicate with the spirits of the deceased, which led many people to believe (even his parents) that he was some sort of freak. His parents weren’t trainers and they didn’t have time to be going on Pokemon journey’s when they had to run different companies.

Because of this, Cain was practically abandoned and lived without the comfort of his parents. His past is extremely similar to that of Tidus’s, which is exactly why he is able to understand him and why Tidus feels the same. Tidus offered him an opportunity to reset the world and change the sadness in his heart from neglect and loneliness. Can yearned to be normal like everyone else as his gifts were nothing but a curse that made him different from society.

His starter was a Mudkip that he received as a new trainer, but he never had any interest in the Pokemon League. Cain is EXTREMELY devoted to Tidus for being his ally and close friend and is always envious of anyone who gets close to him. Cain acts as sort of the second in command to the others and is in charge of dealing with any resistance that occurs between them.

It is revealed that the sister that he left behind when he was abandoned was Adrianna. Cain does not feel any resentment towards her as she did nothing wrong, but he refuses to come back to the family as he has found a new purpose in life.

Just like his boss, Cain only focused on one Pokemon to use and has trained his Swampert quite well.

Damian is a rogue trainer and one of Tidus's followers. He is seventeen years old and has been searching for a certain object for quite awhile. He despises the Pokemon committee and has hates the League. Damian is quite a greedy young man, as he aspires to have everything for himself and never lets anyone touch his things. He wandered around Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and is now in Sinnoh seeking the most valuable items he can get his hands on.

It is revealed that He is after the Azure Flute and has been searching for this item quite intensively for many years. When he was a young boy, he was told of a flute that was said to have the most beautiful melody. Ever since that day, Damian has searched rigorously for this item, and has collected quite a number of different flutes in his quest.

One day when he was searching in Johto, he came across a teenager who was playing a harmonica. Intrigued, Damian confronted this young boy and asked for this item but he declared that he would only give it to him if he defeated him in a battle. Damian was confident that he would win, but ended up severely defeated by the boy. This boy offered Damian a chance to gain something even greater than the harmonica, the flute that was said to be used to summon Arceus. Captivated, Damian took his offer and joined the boy. It turns out that the young boy who defeated him was Tidus.

Damian is selfish and wants to have everything more than everyone else. He doesn't follow anyone's orders other than Tidus's and feels that he is the most important member of the group. Damian is quite an airhead but he knows how to get the job done right. He takes his missions very seriously and only works under the conditions that he gets paid a hefty amount of money. Damian develops an obsession with Misaki from the group and tries to win her over by giving her as many Pokemon that he as but she finds him creepy.

Damian has an extensive amount of Pokemon but chooses to only use a handful. His Main Pokemon is: Machamp


Ophelia is one of the two females in Tidus's group and is sixteen years old. She was originally a coordinator from her mother’s wishes but ultimately, she grew tired of the “razzle” “dazzle” life and got sick of all of the “Princess” crap. She wanted a more enjoyable life style, one not condemned with rules and regulation. She wanted to experience the thrill of living life on the edge and strived to become a rebel.

One day after her victory in a contest, a young man was seen clapping for her leaning against the door. She was surprised by his sudden appearance and asked who he was. He told her that he was looking for someone who wanted to change the way the world was now. Reluctant at first, she didn't believe him right away but as he started to walk away, she knew she couldn't let this change get away. This was her opportunity to live a different life, and live a life that was different from what her mother wanted. She tore off her "dress" and ran after him, joining his group and wanted to change her destiny.

Ophelia is a very lustful girl, as she is hopelessly boy crazy and finds that life is more interesting when you are surrounded by good looking men. She's flirts with alot of men, and can easily make her way into any meeting/party just with her incredibly beautiful eyes and dazzling hair. She greatly admires Tidus as he saved her from her boring life style and pledged that she would follow him wherever he goes.

She has a distaste for any other female that is considered to be more beautiful than her. She always wants to be the centre of attention and craves on it to make her feel better about herself. She is also quite a strong battler, as she was named Top coordinator for a few years before her defection to Tidus's group.

Ophelia only has one pokemon shown so far and she won first prize in "Most Beautiful Pokemon". Her main partner is Lopunny.


Gregory is the "brains" behind Tidus's operation and one of his followers. He is eighteen years old and is considered to be a "genius" when it comes to Pokemon research. As a child, Gregory was enrolled in many different academies for Pokemon research. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of all of these academies because he was obsessed with research and never stepped away from the computers. The teachers found his obsessive nature with studying and learning about Pokemon a bit frightening and asked that he be removed from the curriculum. Time after time, Gregory has looked for a place where his talents where would be considered "normal" and tried to find people who understood him.

After he was kicked out of his last academy, Gregory wondered around the Sinnoh region. Gregory stopped wandering and decided that instead of using his research to make him accepted, he was going to use them to make everyone else different and so he began to create devices aimed to harm Pokemon. Word got out of Gregory's inventions, and the Police were assigned the duty to capture him. He spent countless weeks trying to escape from them but he was finally cornered and when all hope seemed lost, a young man appeared before him and defeated them. He had heard about Gregory's talents and aspired to have him work for his team. Deep down, Gregory finally felt accepted that he was able to find people who wanted him around, and from that day he promised to work by Tidus for as long as he wanted.

Gregory works as more of the tactical guy, knowing the blue prints of different companies and hacking into different soft wares to gain access to files about secret Pokemon. He has also created several different devices that have been altered to fit Tidus's specifics. He is quite greedy, selfish, self centered, and NEVER shares any of his chips that are always stuck in his mouth but is eternally loyal to Tidus.

Gregory only bothered to catch one Pokemon when he was journeying around as he was more focused on his inventions. That Pokemon is Swalot.


Gwin is the second female member of Tidus's group and is a fifteen year old girl. A few years ago, Gwin had quite a lot of potential as a trainer and scored quite high in special tournaments. Unfortunately for her, she was banned from all of the team competitions because of her pride to never work together with her partner, and at times even attack them. Her prideful nature always held her back from growing as she always wanted to do everything herself and hated travelling with people she thought was weak.

Annoyed that the league was always monitoring her and not allowing her to join competitions, she sought after the "underground" battles that took place in a hidden location. This underground tournament was completely different from the league and was a place for outlaws and criminals to compete. Battle after battle, Gwin won every single one of her battle and was contempt at staying in this place, until a young man showed up. He effortlessly defeated everyone in the competition including Gwin and came up to her. Gwin had never met a man who was capable of defeating her so easily and began to admire him. This young man was impressed with her strength and offered her a chance to create a place where she could use her pride freely. Feeling no reason to decline, she glady accepted and joined Tidus's dream.

Gwin is quite stuck up and looks down on people who "play" by the rules. She only respects people who can defeat her and so far only one person has been able to do that. She has a massive ego that goes way above her head and because of this, she feels that the other members of the group are unnecessary in Tidus's dreams. The only person in the group that she feels understands her is Zelroth and is usually sent on missions with him.

Gwin did not start off as a normal trainer and does not possess a starter Pokemon. She is only shown to possess one Pokemon which is Absol

    Perry aka "Panther" 

Perry, otherwise known as “Panther” is trainer and is sixteen years old. He is a wanderer and just travels around the world, seeing the sights and catching up on some snooze. He is quite lazy, clumsy, and does not take life really seriously.

This is due to the fact that when he was a young boy, his wealthy parents forced Pokemon training down his throat and demanded that he be in training during the day and studying during the night. They relentlessly bombarded him with pokemon lectures, training instructors, and private lessons. He came from a wealthy family that tried to brainwash him into thinking that becoming a well known Pokemon trainer would make his family well known. This conflicted with Perry`s beliefs, as he did not want to become anything special, he just wanted to do what he felt like doing. It was from this that he ran away from his home and decided to become a wanderer.

One day as he was sleeping on a pile of hay on a farm, a young boy walked up to him. This young man asked him for a battle but Perry refused and tried to go back to sleep. The boy offered him the opportunity to remake his life the way he wanted, and Perry agreed to his battle. Even though he lost, Tidus noticed Perry`s natural ability to battle and desired to have him on his team. Perry was uninterested at first as he thought it would be too much "work" but he accepted his proposal under the conditions that he was allowed to take a nap whenever he wanted.

Perry is rarely seen awake whenever there is a meeting between Tidus's group, as he takes advantage of his deal with him. However, when pushed enough Perry's ability as a trainer far surpasses what he lets on.

Once he finds out Tidus's real objective, he changes sides and fights against him.

Just like his comrades, Perry only acquired one Pokemon on his journey and found that out of all the Pokemon in the world, this Pokemon best represented himself. His best friends and strongest partner is Slaking

    Zeke aka "Zelroth" 

Zeke, otherwise known as “Zelroth" is a fifteen year old boy and is the strongest fighter in his group, just slightly behind Tidus himself. Zelroth is shrouded in mystery and even Tidus himself stated that he cannot read anything that is on his mind.

Zelroth only has one interest in mind, fighting strong opponents. He initially joined the Pokemon League and tried to compete, but he was banished from the league as his matches got out of hand. His Pokemon were too ruthless for the competition and even when the matches were announced to be over, he continued to fight.

When Zeke was a young boy, his interest in battle was not what someone could call "normal". He was always focused on destroying things with his small Gible. This was made even worse when one day, his playing got out of control and he accidentally burned his own house down. After this incident, his parents abandoned him and were scared of his frightening attitude. Ever since that day, Zeke has travelled around the region, fighting and critically injuring anyone he meets. The Police were notified off his heinous actions and set out to arrest the young man, but he always managed to get away.

One day as he was laying down by the beach, a young man approached him and asked him for a battle. Never one to turn down a fight, Zeke accepted but never expected such strength from this opponent and was soundly defeated. He had found him, an opponent worthy of his strength and capable of giving him the challenge he needed. This young boy offered him the opportunity to join his side so that he would get the chance to fight stronger opponents than himself, to which Zeke agreed only under the condition that he was able to challenge him to a battle whenever he felt like it.

He is quite sadistic and enjoys seeing the suffering that his Pokemon cause. He loves to cause destruction and is ruthless when he fights against his opponents, so much so that Ryu's Tyrogue was badly beaten by him and was out of commission for quite awhile. It is only after his second battle with Ryu that he starts to question his philosophy on life.

Zeke has trained his only Pokemon Garchomp so rigorously that he was able to hold off Cynthia's Garchomp.
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