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Characters: Nepetaquest 2011
This is the page for tropes unique to Nepeta Quest 2011. For the canon version, see Characters.Homestuck.

    Homestuck Cast Members 

Nepeta Leijon

Aradia Megido

Sollux Captor

Terezi Pyrope

  • Ace Pilot: In the Colony Raiders game, she seemed to be the most effective member of her team when Vriska is not cheating.

Vriska Serket

Eridan Ampora

  • Butt Monkey: His only appearance so far has been being shot down by Tavros in Colony Raiders and earns a "Shameful" ranking.

    Original Characters 

Nezumi Asuras / thanatosClaws

Joster Brobag / juvenileWomanizer

Decima Logari / belligerentDove

Logrin Nacre / logarithmicNautilus

Vokken Nereus / aquaticTyrant

Scoria Tallus / abandonedFate

Zander Tarsif / universeUndivided

  • Ace Pilot: He earns an "exemplary" rank in Colony Raiders.
  • The Casanova
  • Purple Blood
  • Foil: Arguably one for Eridan: Sea dweller who doesn't care for the blood caste system, flirts better, suave and affable, performs best on Colony Raiders compared too Eridan's "shameful" ranking, etc.
  • Ship Tease: With Scoria, especially after the second Colony Raiders match, and also with Decima on occasion.


Barely Alive Troll

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