Characters / Nagasaki Moon


Stephanie - often called "Anie" - is the main character of Nagasaki Moon.


A very old vampire from Britain he was turned when he was 19. Since this makes him the youngest looking member of the clan, he frequently is required to attend high schools for their cover - which he hates.


A young ninja in training from an ancient clan dedicated to protecting Japan. They're also werewolves to help make the job easier.


Anie's father. A very, very old wizard who adopted her.


The patriarch of the vampire clan. Pureblood vampire who has chosen a male appearance.


The eldest looking member of the clan, she is an "imp" (impure vampire) created by Scott and his wife. Her age would make her the middle child.


The final "child" of the vampire clan, Orrick has only been a vampire for a little under a century.