Characters: NUMB3RS

Don Eppes (Rob Morrow)

Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz)

Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol)

Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch)

  • Good Parents
  • Informed Judaism: Is lapsed and didn't make it a major influence in his sons' lives.
  • I Want Grandkids: Alan takes the proactive approach, giving solid relationship advice to Don and Charlie.
  • Team Dad
    Alan: I'm going to give you the same advice I give to all the geniuses I know.
    Larry: And that is?
    Alan: Don't be an idiot.
    Larry: Ah. (nodding)

Amita Ramanujan (Navi Rawat)

David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard)

Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno)

  • The Big Guy
  • Cold Sniper: Of course, all the FBI agents have to be this to a degree, but somehow Colby ends up having to shoot criminals more often than the others.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Fake Defector: Colby turns out to have been a triple agent for several years. This causes a fair bit of drama and angst, since the rest of the cast find out about the "defector" part well before they find out about the "fake".
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With David.
  • Hidden Depths: Is fluent in Spanish, which comes in handy when the team investigates the case of missing Spanish girls.

Megan Reeves (Diane Farr)

Liz Warner (Aya Sumika)

Nikki Betancourt (Sophina Brown)

Terry Lake (Sabrina Lloyd)

Ian Edgerton (Lou Diamond Phillips)

  • Anti-Hero: Out of the FBI, Ian's the one most willing to use extreme means to complete his task, most apparent during "Ultimatum", and shows no hesitation in killing. He's still an overall a good guy, though.
  • Badass: You bet it! It sort of comes with being the fifth?.. Fourth?.. Third best sniper in the country. He lives up to the reputation, too. If he's in an episode, he'll usually outshine the agents by being the one to take out the criminal of the week.
  • Cold Sniper

Robin Brooks (Michelle Nolden)