Characters: NMB 48 Team BII

Ichikawa Miori

Born on 12 February 1994 in Saitama prefecture.

Has been moved to NMB 48's Team BII from Team B in the 2014 group shuffle.

Ijiri Anna

Born on January 20, 1995 in Kyoto

Iso Kanae

Born on August 9, 1993 in Ibaraki.

Team BIIís first choice in the 2013 draft.

Ueda Mirei

Born on February 2, 1999 in Hyogo Prefecture

Umeda Ayaka

Captain of Team B since the 2012 team shuffle and a founding Team K member.

Has been moved to NMB48's Team BII as co-captain in the 2014 shuffle.

Born on 3 January 1989 in Fukuoka prefecture.

Sub-units she's been in are:
  • DiVA

  • Affectionate Nickname Umechan, Kyura
  • Demoted to Extra: Despite being the captain of Team B and usually part of the senbatsu, other members in lower positions (such as Paruru or Yukirin) have much more screen time than her and she now ranks in Undergirls.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Broke her leg bone during her stage debut. She got better after a year and a 1/2.
  • New Transfer Student: Originally from AKB.

Kadowaki Kanako

Born on October 24, 1996 in Osaka

Kamieda Emika

Born on July 13, 1994 in Osaka

Captain of Team BII

Kawakami Chihiro

Born on December 17, 1998 in Osaka

Kusaka Konomi

Born on January 12, 1996 in Osaka

Kurokawa Hazuki

Born on August 05, 1998 in Osaka

Shibuya Nagisa

Born on August 25, 1996 in Osaka.

Holds a concurrent position with AKBís Team 4.

Sub-unit(s) shes been in are:
  • Tentoumu Chu!

Takayanagi Akane

Born on November 29, 1991 in Aichi prefecture

Captain of Team KII until the 2014 shuffle. Also holds a concurrent position in NMBís Team BII.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Akane, Churi
  • Ascended Extra: She first ranked in the 2010 elections at #35. She's risen positions every year, and on this elections she's claimed the #23 position. She also managed to appear on the senbatsu of AKB's "Manatsu no Sounds Good!"
  • Fangirl: Of Perfume.
  • New Transfer Student: Concurrent from her original group, SKE.

Naiki Kokoro

Born on April 6, 1997 in Gifu.

Team BIIís second choice in the 2013 draft.

Hayashi Momoka

Born on September 11, 1998 in Kyoto

Yabushita Shu

Born on December 2, 1998 in Osaka

Watanabe Miyuki

Born on 19 September 1993 in Nara prefecture.

Had a concurrent member of AKB48's Team B until the 2014 shuffle. Now she holds a concurrency with SKEís Team S.