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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and the whole "G4" universe, for that matter, has a wide array of colorful, memorable characters. Loads and Loads of Characters. So many characters, we hardly know what to do with them all! So we've separated them by Cast Herd. Heh...

For classic "G1" through "G3.5" characters, go to Characters.My Little Pony.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters
  • The Princesses Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight Sparklenote , and Flurry Heart.
  • Antagonists Big Bads, Monster of the Weeks, jerks, and bullies.
    • Major Villains note 
    • Dangerous Creatures note 
    • Jerks & Bullies note 
    • Redeemed Antagonists note 
  • Mane Family Members The Mane Cast's family and relatives.note 
  • Supporting Cast Recurring minor characters.note 
  • One-Shots Plot-relevant One-Shot Characters.note 
  • Animal Companions Loyal Animal Companions.note 
  • Other Characters Characters who don't fit into any of the other character pages.note 
  • Background Ponies Recurring Extras, Bit Characters, Living Props, Creator Cameos, and Spear Carriers.note 
  • Equestria Girls Characters appearing in Equestria Girls, Rainbow Rocks, Friendship Games and related media.

Outside the Show

Alternative Title(s): My Little Pony Generation 4, Friendship Is Magic-Minor Characters