Characters / Mother Goose and Grimm

The main character, Grimmy is an oddly colored Bull Terrier who belongs to Mother Goose, though she often refers to him a kid or a child.

Mother Goose
Grimmy, Attila, and Ralph's keeper, who refers to them all as her children. Strangely enough, she's a goose herself, who keeps dogs and cats as pets, which still has many confused.

A purple cat who lives with Grimmy and Mother Goose.

A Boston Terrier introduced to the strip in recent years. He lives with Mother Goose, Attila, and Grimmy.

  • CloudCuckoolander
  • Dogs Are Dumb: He's the first dog to really demonstrate this, as Grimmy is dumb, but when compared to Ralph...
  • Funny Animal
  • Murder by Cremation: In one strip, Ralph cremates a possum who was supposedly dead, but his wife comes around asking where he is. Ralph tries to inform her that he had died, but she tells him that he was just playing possum.
  • Too Dumb to Live
  • Talking Animal: Introduced after the promotion Grimmy and Attila had to speech bubbles, so he's been talking the whole time.


Mother Goose's neighbor before mysteriously diappearing.

Sumo the Cat

A cat who hangs out with Attila. Seemed to have disappeared until a 2011 story arc.