Characters: Mother 4

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    Main Party/Protagonists 
The main protagonist, living in the town of Belring. Comfortable in his older brother's shadow, he doesn't try hard to stand out, opting to be an Average Joe.

A Spoiled Sweet girl gifted with powerful PSI and the ability to see the future. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, always seeing the bright side of things. Her hometown is Citrus Hills.

A popular young man who is quite the charmer, though quick to snap in frustration and has a hard time adapting to situations out of his control as well as being closed minded. Making up for these faults is the courage and charisma to get the group through tough situations. His hometown is Pennyburg.

The leader of a biker gang, dependable despite appearing shady, and is a quiet sort as well as slightly impatient. He reigns over his territory with his gang of motorcycle buddies.

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