Characters / Mother 2 And A Half

Here are many of the characters in Mother 2 And A Half, and their character tropes.
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Main Protagonists

"Mom. You see this!? *points to his mustache* It's called a mustache. It means I'm a MAN. So quit bossing me around!"

Impulsive, extremely short fused, stubborn as a mule. Despite this, he will sacrifice anything to keep his family safe.


"OOOH. Let’s give you an AWARD for that! The “You insulted your son and made him cry but COULD have called him something something worse” award!"

Ana is kind-hearted and very sympathetic. She generally lacks courage, but can well up some for the sake of her loved ones. She's also physically weak, but she has very strong Psychic Powers to compensate.



Ninten and Ana's son. He is destined to save the world in the future, but Giegue changed this by casting a beam on him as a baby giving him nearly insatiable hunger. This makes everything slowly fall apart; and the worst part is, nobody is realizing what is going on, so there's nothing he can do about it, or anyone for that matter.

In Chapter 2, Ana tries to put him on a diet, but Ness gets very upset and runs away from home. Ninten goes out and tries to find him, and eventually, by Chapter 4 Ana does too.

For a majority of the story, he is 5 years old, so many of his poor decisions are justified.


" No kidding. "

Originally a Lulantinote ; he was sent on a mission to bring Ness back to normal and override everyone's memories so they don't remember the whole mess. He was transformed into a dog to do so because let's face it, dogs are more comforting than an... alien... insect... thing. Unfortunately, an accident during time travel wiped his memory, so he doesn't remember what to do. When he meets Ness, however, he can't shake the feeling that he looks familiar, and because of this, he decides to help him in hopes his memory would come back. After Ness gives him a horrible name and begs him for food, Fluffy sticks with Ness and helps him survive in Eternal Forest, mainly by catching fishes and then cooking them with PK Fire. Ness drives him absolutely crazy, but he still sticks with him in hopes that his memory will come back. Eventually, He does in fact get his memory back; by having a squirrel hit him in the head with an acorn, finally remembering what he was supposed to do: bring Ness to the place where the meteorite will strike Onett in the future, and cast the Reversal Beam on him, curing Ness's Gluttony Beam status and utilizing the power of the full moon to replace everyone's memories with what they're supposed to remember.



"The Apple of Enlightenment cannot be correct! The Chosen Four will NOT destroy me!"

Giegue, the Big Bad of MOTHER, is back, ready to resume his Earth invasion which got stalled by Ninten, Ana, and Loid several years ago.



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"The book says the Chosen Four is made up of three males and one female human. The book also says the female can call upon everyone on Earth and beyond, and as the Apple of Enlightenment predicted, she will defeat you using this power. So, it's not the entire group we need to get rid of, it's her. She may not be the most powerful member, but she is the only one who can defeat you."

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"Can't you see, blubber boy!? The cake was a lie! This was all a trick! "
— Boog

A very persistent grizzly bear who will stop at nothing to eat Ness.


Supporting Characters

"Uhh... let's just put it this way. You and the baby are more related than two hydrogen atoms!"

Loid is one of Ninten's best friends.



A tough tomboyish girl rescued from zombies by Ninten as a young child, this blatant copy of Pippi Longstocking is another close friend of him and lived close-by. She was one of Ana's bridesmaids in the wedding, and is never seen again for a long time afterward. She and her mother moved away to another town several days after the wedding, and it isn't revealed where until later. Turns out, that while Ness and Fluffy were wondering around Eternal Forest, they came across the town where she happened to move to. Pippi comes across the weak and hungry Ness and takes him in her home, quickly realizing that he's actually Ninten and Ana's son. After giving him food and a warm place to stay for the night, Ness leaves because he snuck and ate nearly all of her food. The next day, turns out, Ninten and Ana arrive at that town, and while Pippi was searching for Ness, she bumps into them, and tells Ninten and Ana about her experience with Ness the day before, which rejuvenates their dwindling hope that Ness is still alive.

Minor Characters