Characters: MOTHER 1

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    Main Party/Protagonists 

A twelve-year-old American boy, who lives with his parents and twin younger sisters outside the town of Podunk (Mother's Day). He sets out to find the Eight Melodies and possibly uncover secrets about his mysterious great-grandparents. Not much information is given about his personality, but he seems to be a kind, brave kid, if with a bit of a temper. He loves prime ribs, penguins, and baseball, and occasionally suffers from asthma.
  • The Ace
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Saori Kumi's novel switches Ana and Ninten's hair colors. It turns out that there was a reason for that later on.
  • Adaptation Name Change: He's known as "Ken" in the novelization.
  • The All-American Boy: He's a bat-wielding Everyman boy from a small American town.
  • Badass Adorable
  • Batter Up: Uses baseball bats as weapons.
  • Berserk Button: Lying about his mother calling him is not a smart move, hippies.
    • Of course, he got mad when his sisters are attacked.
  • Big Brother Instinct: When his sisters are attacked the first few moments in game, he will endeavor to destroy whatever harms them to save them.
  • Combat Medic: He has a powerful physical attack, the strongest of all permanent members, but all of his PSI is assist and healing. He doesn't even get a Signature Move like Ness's PSI Rockin or Lucas's PK Love.
  • invokedFountain of Expies: His appearance (especially his trademark striped shirt) set the standard for MOTHER series protagonists.
    • Ness is the most obvious example, as he is almost an exact copy of him. As Ness is more well-known, this sometimes leads to confusion, as they share the same outfit. Fans often draw Ninten wearing a red neckerchief and a red, white, and blue stripe pattern on his shirt to differentiate them, based on a live-action Japanese commercial for MOTHER.
  • The Hero
  • Heroic Mime: Until the ending, at least in the English prototype.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Jack of All Stats: Contrasting Ness and Lucas in the sequels, Ninten isn't held back by a horrible Speed stat while still throwing around physical attacks just as hard, which is pretty impressive for an asthmatic. On the flip-side however, his massive PSI movepool is all support and no Offense-grade skills.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: The novelization written by Saori Kumi portrays him as this.
  • Magic Knight: Has healing and shield PSI, with strong attack and good defense.
  • Nice Hat: The baseball cap that he convinced his dad to buy for him.
  • Official Couple: Ninten and Ana are actually the only fully canon couple between the playable characters in the series, which is something most people forget.
  • Primary-Color Champion
  • Psychic Powers
  • Scarf of Asskicking: The live-action commercial for the game has Ninten wearing a red neckerchief. Most fan artists tend to draw Ninten with this in order to help distinguish him from Ness.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The Manly Man to Lloyd's Sensitive Guy. He becomes the Sensitive Guy when Teddy takes the latter's place.
  • Support Party Member: Has only support/healing PSI, but is capable of powerful normal attacks.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Prime ribs.
  • White Mage: Only has support and healing PSI.

The eleven-year-old boy genius from Merrysville (Thanksgiving). Loid is brilliant, but is often bullied by his classmates for being a nerd and a weakling. He developed a tendency to hide in trash cans to avoid confrontation. Despite this, he has a great deal of determination, even when it comes to the dreaded gym class. Bullying has left him very shy and cowardly when he joins Ninten, but over time he becomes stronger and more confident in himself. He likes rockets, science, computers, and Superman.

The only permanent female member of the group, Ana is a twelve-year-old from Snowman. A sweet, but timid girl, Ana has never ventured out of Snowman alone. She is described as kind at heart, with a great sense of direction. Before the start of the adventure, Ana was unable to sleep due to odd dreams, and sets out with Ninten in hopes of finding her abducted mother. She is deeply religious (one of her favorite possessions being a Bible), is a skilled piano player, and also collects stamps and envelopes.

Unlike the other members of the party, Teddy is not a kid; rather, he is a young man in his late teens to twenties. Leader of the B.B. (Black Blood Gang), he is the kingpin of the town of Ellay (Valentine) until some kids came in and started messing with his crew. After he is beaten by Ninten, he joins the party to avenge the death of his parents. He likes smoking, fighting, and rock and roll.


Pippi Lindgren
A pigtailed young girl whom Ninten must save from zombies.

Ninten's Family
Ninten has a Mother, a Father and two sisters, Mimmie and Minnie. Much like Ness's family, Minnie can store items, and Ninten's dad is only spoken to over the telephone.

Queen Mary / Maria
The ethereal, beautiful queen of the mysterious land of Magicant. She has fallen gravely ill, and the only thing that will restore her to her former self are the Eight Melodies. She is Ninten's great-grandmother, and was the deeply-beloved foster mother of Giygas.

Mentioned only in the prologue and at the end of the game, he is the reason for the alien invasion, as he stole the secret of PSI from Giygas's species. He is the husband of Maria and the great-grandfather of Ninten.


The grim leader of the invading alien forces. He leads the invasion to take revenge for the human theft of his race's PSI technology, but his resolve crumbles when confronted with the memory of his beloved foster mother, and swears to come back to finish the job later.