Characters / Morimune High School RP


Mohan McKenzie

A first-year student at Morimune who has Seleighe and Djinn ancestors.
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Shimizu Arashi

A second-year student who occasionally jokes around, but is fairly calm in general.
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Kaemon Nanashi

A second-year student, a bit naive and hot-blooded.
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Aiko Kimura

A second-year student who's half human, half satyr.
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Rhyme Solei

A junior, quiet and serious with a strong sense of justic.
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John Thornton

A freshman, with psychic powers, and an extreme case of split personality.

Suzuki Haruo

A third-year student who loves jokes and pranks. He is generally easy-going, and pretty trusting.
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The Esper Organization

Matthew Streika

A young man from America, this teenager has been working with the Organization for nearly a year now, and has a certain reputation with the nastier side of the supernatural. His ability is to create swords. He has come to Morimune hoping to make sure Ein Woe is not successful in what he has set out to do.


Ein Woe

Ignius / Strife

A bizarre priestly boy from another world, Ignius seems to resemble Matthew to some degree, and has been orchestrating some events to seemingly avoid a catastrophe. However, his methods for accomplishing this are very dark indeed, and most of his traits and even his backstory remain hidden from sight. He appears to possess terrifyingly powerful reality warping abilities, enough to be a Dimension Lord.

  • Ambiguously Evil: While his stated intentions are good, he seems to employ a lot of really morally dark gray / black methods to get to this, including mind raping an innocent girl just to put her brother into another body (long story), brainwashing and artificially aging the Plucky Comic Relief, and then he gave Black Blades to Tsuhiro.
  • The Corrupter: He has corrupted John and Tsuhiro into being his Co-Dragons.
  • Light Is Not Good: Priestly appearance, white robe that screams "Pope", and white hair? Check. Morally dubious ways of trying to save the world? Incredibly secretive? Check.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He knew exactly what to say to get Tsuhiro on his side, and he made sure to give John "peace of mind".
  • Mind Rape: He uses this a lot.
  • Reality Warper: Owns his own dimension, can control nearly everything in this dimension, including time and space, and is capable of "matter transmutation".
  • The Stoic: Not much can phase Ignius
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist


A mysterious masked man who appeared during the fight with Ein Woe and Jae'yon, and displayed very high levels of talent with his Magical Eye power, the Shinjinme. Next to nothing is known about him, other than that he is possibly even more powerful than Ein Woe, and has very personal stakes in this war. A Hero Killer of high caliber, in New Dawn proper he has a high kill count attached to his name.

  • Berserk Button: In story, do not withhold information or fool around on a mission. Don't. He hates that. Also, no female hostages. That will get you ripped apart. And heaven help you if you should try to rape your target. That's a quick way to be stuck in a Fate Worse Than Death.
  • Bad Ass: if your response to being tricked by Dolph into revealing your vulnerability, and then having one arm and one leg fall off due to being shredded by an Aura Rave is to compliment Dolph's ingenuity and then calmly teleport out, you qualify.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: This is a man who never, ever, fights fair. If he can easily win by exploiting his broken Magical Eye, he will do so. He won't attack you from the front. He'll teleport in and stab you from behind.
  • Enigmatic Minion: Do we even know what he wants?
  • Generic Doomsday Villain: Somewhat. He does not seem to have a motive for running around shanking people.
  • Healing Factor
  • Hero Killer: Of both heroes and villains in New Dawn. His complete count? Shouji Muzoku, Jack, Mary, Steven, Devin, David Reaver, Carmon Calan and Jill Levenheim, Antoine Reyva, and then the Phantom Claw Trainees.
  • Kick the Dog: He really did not need to make the suppression that painful. He just decided to do so anyway.
  • Magical Eye: Maybe an Expy of the Sharingan, but even more ridiculous. It lets him cast very powerful spells without even making necessary preparations, drops the Mana requirements for such spells to almost nil, and gives him some really powerful abilities.
  • Malevolent Masked Man
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: This guy does not fuck around. He barely even talks to people he's trying to kill.