Characters / Millennium

This is the character sheet for the TV series Millennium.

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     Black Family 

Frank Black

Played by: Lance Henriksen
A criminal profiler and FBI veteran, he broke down after a particularly brutal case. When the series begins he’s using his unusual gift with the mysterious Millennium Group.

Catherine Black

Played by: Megan Gallagher
Frank’s devoted wife, whose social work job sometimes overlaps his own job.
  • Closer to Earth
  • Fiery Redhead: Sometimes. Fiery auburn if you prefer.
  • The Lost Lenore: She dies in a Group-engineered viral attack at the end of season 2 and her death haunts Frank for the rest of the series.
  • The Shrink: Actually a clinical social worker, but the gist of scenes focusing on her work is much the same.
  • Unfazed Everywoman: Has clearly learned to accept her husband's mysterious gift, as well as his often horrific cases.

Jordan Black

Played by: Brittany Tiplady
Frank and Catherine's adorable daughter, gifted in her own right.

     The Millennium Group 

Peter Watts

Played by: Terry O'Quinn
Frank's recruiter and handler within the Group. The two have been close friends, icy enemies, and everything in between.

Lara Means

Played by: Kristen Cloke
A young Group candidate who works with Frank through much of season 2

Brian Roedecker

Played by: Allan Zinyk
A computer expert employed by the Group, he works closely with Frank for a while after Catherine's kidnapping.

     Law Enforcement 

Lieutenant Bob Bletcher

Played by: Bill Smitrovich
A police veteran and head of Seattle's homicide division, he's also an old friend and confidant of Frank's

Detective Bob Giebelhouse

Played by: Stephen James Lang
A detective on the Seattle police force, "Giebs" is a loyal subordinate of Bletcher's and initially skeptical of Frank's work.

Special Agent Emma Hollis

Played by: Klea Scott
A young FBI agent who seeks Frank out when he's consulting for the Bureau, becoming his protege and de facto partner.

     Legion & Other Adversaries 

Lucy Butler

Played by: Sarah-Jane Redmond
The primary face of Legion, an amorphous force of Hell on Earth. Frequently plays the seductress.