Characters: Mike, Lu & Og

Main Characters

Michelanne "Mike" Mazinsky

"I don't do grass skirts and I definitely do not do noserings."

Mike is a streetwise girl from Manhattan who became a foreign exchange student and was sent to the secluded island of Albonquetine. She often leads the charge to create creature comforts from her civilized home, while at other times, she gets stuck in the middle of one of the island's wacky traditions.


"Princess" Lu is a self-absorbed Spoiled Brat who is bossy to everyone and demands that her "peasants" obey her every command.


A soft-spoken Child Prodigy who often creates inventions and recreated things Mike misses about the big city.


Og's father and a dedicated hunter who usually chases a wombat.

  • Anime Hair
  • Bumbling Dad
  • Egomaniac Hunter
  • Elmuh Fudd Syndwome: Heck, he pretty much a British version of Elmer Fudd.
  • Gag Nose
  • Heroic BSOD: After the wombat humiliates him in "The Hunter And The Hunted". He snaps out of it when he sucessfully catches the wombat (which was all part of a secret deal between Mike and the wombat).
    • And in "Flustering Footwear Flotsam" when he sucessfuly catches the wombat.
  • Papa Wolf: See "Losing Lancelot"


Og's mother and talented artist, historian, and chef.

  • '80s Hair
  • Haz Mat Suit: Briefly in "Thanks But No Thanks".
  • Hypno Fool: One episode had her on the receiving end of Og's hypnosis invention and as a result, thought she was a duck.
  • Large Ham: Often when writing or explaining about the island's ancestors.
  • Let's Get Dangerous: When she leaps into the debate/wrestling match in "A Freudian Split".
  • Spot of Tea: From the island's prized teacup salvaged from the wreckage of the Good Ship Betty Anne.
  • Starving Artist: Creating things from shoe portraits to "negative space" from hot dogs to Mount Rushmore-style carvings.
  • Supreme Chef


Lu's father and governor of the island

Old Queeks

The island's old witch doctor and soothsayer.



Lu's long-suffering pet land turtle.

Philisophical Society

Og's talking animal friends who often discuss philosophy. Made up of Goat, Pig, and Spiney.


The descendants of the pirates who shipwrecked the island's ancestors, the captain, mate and bos'n live on a small section of the island called "The Barnacle". They crave to turn Lancelot into turtle soup.


The Cuzzlewitz clan live on the other side of the island and tend to be more primitive and wild than their refined neighbors. Suprisingly, their number is larger than the Albonquetine clan.

Haggis & Baggis


Unlike the other Cuzzlewitz, the older sister of Haggis & Baggis is more cultured, speaks in complete sentences, and gets along better with the others.