A list of characters found in Creator/{{Disney}}'s ''ComicBook/MickeyMouseComicUniverse''.

'''Keep in mind that since the characters and series [[PrintLongRunners have been around for so long]], whether a character displays certain traits or not in any given story largely depends on the [[DependingOnTheArtist artist]], [[DependingOnTheWriter the writer]], [[EraSpecificPersonality or the time period]].'''
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseComicUniverseProtagonists The protagonists]] [[labelnote:Click to expand.]]
** '''Main heroes:''' Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar
** '''Mickey Mouse's family:''' Felicity Fieldmouse, Mortimer and Ferdinand Fieldmouse, Madeline Mouse
** '''Minnie Mouse's family:''' Millie and Melody, Mortimer Mouse, Minerva
** '''Goofy's family:''' Gilbert, Marmaduke, Arizona Goof, Wombat, Tessie
** '''Clarabelle Cow's family:''' Bertie, Itsy-Betsy, Maw Cow, Mayor Beeble, Miss Bovina
** '''Horace Horsecollar's family:''' Paw Horsecollar[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseComicUniverseFriends The friendly faces]] [[labelnote:Click to expand.]]
** '''Neighbors:''' Butch, Ellsworth Bheezer, Ellroy, Glory-Bee, Patricia and Percy Pigg, Annabelle Mink, Gideon and Gertie Goat, Sieb Sik
** '''Friends:''' Martina Ubersetzen, Eurasia Toft, Katarina Kodorofsky, Colonel Doberman, Gloomy, Cosmo "Doc" Static, Doctor Einmug, Professor Zachary Zapotec, Doctor Spike Marlin, Doctor Biota, Professor Deeping Dustibones, Professor Wagstaff, Doctor Oofgay, Estrella Marina, Uma, Eega Beeva, Atomo Bleep-Bleep, Charlie, Weegie, Mimi, Professor Cicero Webster, Petulia O'Hara, Heath O'Hara, Génio, Professor Rhinestone, Captain Nathaniel Churchmouse, Sam Simian, The Riverside Rovers, King Michael XIV and Queen Phylline, Patti Poodle, Yoyo
** '''Mouseton Police Department:''' Chief Samus O'Hara, Detective Casey, Rock Sassi, Officer Clancy, Shamrock Bones
** '''Acquaintances:''' Mortimer Mouse, Montmorency Rodent, Flappity [=McFlop=], Zenobia II, Snake and co., Former sergeant, Joe Piper and co., Muscles [=McGurk=], Madison King, The Princess, Dan[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseComicUniverseAnimals The animals]] [[labelnote:Click to expand.]]
** '''Main animals:''' Pluto
** '''Secondary animals:''' Goofy's parrot, Tanglefoot
** '''Other animals:''' Binky, Ezra, Milo[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseComicUniverseAntagonists The antagonists]] [[labelnote:Click to expand.]]
** '''Main villains:''' Pete, The Phantom Blot, Emil Eagle
** '''Allies of Pete:''' Trudy Van Tubb, Chirpy Bird, Sylvester Shyster, Eli Squinch, Von Weasel, Monkey scientist, Portis, Dexter Dingus, Muck Raker, Scuttle, Dum-Dum, Doc Wombat, Joe Wharfrat, El Cad, Pierino and Pieretto
** '''Allies of the Phantom Blot:''' Mr. X, Alberta, The Phantom Brat[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseComicUniverseFiends The fiendish fellows]] [[labelnote:Click to expand.]]
** '''Spies:''' Trigger Hawkes, Rich Hogg, The Rhyming Man
** '''Evil performers:''' Charlie "The Magnificent" Doublejoke, Miklos, Ambrose Jones, Mr. Meanie, M. Skoolik
** '''Evil hunters:''' Wiley Wildebeest, Colonel Phineas Philcher and P. T. Cheatum
** '''Countryside villains:''' Wolf Barker, The Bad Bandit, Lawyer Beamish, Pancho, The Black Crow, Gregory Gopher
** '''Seaside villains:''' Doctor Vulter, Captain Hazzard, Captain Blow, Enji
** '''Evil aristocrats:''' Prince Penguin the First, Duke Varlott, The Iron Mask
** '''Evil archaeologists:''' Doctor Kranz, Doctor Jacques Le Bron, The Horde of the Violet Hare
** '''Evil scientists:''' Doctor Orridus, Professor [=McMonk=]
** '''Mad Doctor-type scientists:''' Professors Ecks, Doublex, and Triplex, Doctor Frankenollie, Doctor Flor T. Winx
** '''Supernatural villains:''' Doctor Doom, Drusilla, Mr. Fox, Doctor Grut, The Itching Gulch Gang, Phantasmo, The Imp, The Phantom Gondolier, Princess Queezila
** '''Half-villains:''' Delilah, Hickup, Kat Nipp, Meanie Markham, Swifty[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseComicUniverseSubseries The cast of various subseries]] [[labelnote:Click to expand.]]
** '''''Mickey and the Sleuth'':''' Sureluck Sleuth, Professor Nefarious, Fliplip, Armadillo and Sidney
** '''''Super Goof'':''' Doctor Darius Dunk, Doctor Syclocks, Pyrodin, Mr. Mystery-Man, Super Thief, Doctor Tempo, Tuffy Taurus
** '''''X-Mickey'':''' Manny, Pipwolf
** '''Other:''' Princess Mousetta, 30s damsel, Yortog[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/ClassicDisneyShorts Characters that belong to the classic Disney shorts]]
* [[Characters/HouseOfMouse Characters that belong to ''House of Mouse'']]
* [[Characters/MickeyMouseClubhouse Characters that belong to ''Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'']]
* [[Characters/DisneyDucksComicUniverse Characters that belong to the Disney Ducks Comic Universe]]
* [[Characters/DisneyMouseAndDuckComics Characters that belong to the Mouse & Duck Comic Universe]]