Characters / Masters Of Evil Max Fury Members


Black Talon (Samuel Barone)

Brothers Grimm (Percy and Barton Grimes)

Carrion (William Allen)

Crossfire (William Cross)

Diablo (Esteban Corazón de Ablo)

Firebrand (Richard L. "Rick" Dennison)

Griffin (John "Johnny" Horton)

Killer Shrike (Simon Maddicks)

Lady Stilt-Man/Stilt-Man

Lascivious (Davida DeVito)

Letha (Hellen Feliciano)


Max Fury

Pink Pearl (Pearl Gross)

Princess Python

Ringer (Keith Kraft)

Squid (Don Callahan)

Vengeance (Kowalski)

Whiplash (Anton Vanko)

  • Canon Immigrant: Heavily based on Ivan Vanko, the Crimson Dynamo/Whiplash blend from the second Iron Man film.
  • Cool Mask: His armour doesn't have a helmet; instead his face is covered by a single plate.
  • Name's the Same: Shares his name and ethnicity with the original Crimson Dynamo.
  • Powered Armor
  • Renegade Russian: Though one with no connections to the old Soviet Union or Communism.
  • Revenge: On Iron Man.
  • Whip It Good: Has a pair of laserwhips that deploy from his wrists.