Characters: Marked for Death

The cast of Marked for Death consists mainly of Harry Potter floating names, with a few younger versions of actual Canon characters thrown in. This sort of thing happens all the time, even in the best-organized fandoms.

(Villain) Protagonists

Bellatrix Lestrange

"...it'll be on the front page of the Daily Prophet. Bellatrix Lestrange Is Death Eater. No One Surprised.''"-Edmund Wilkes

A younger version (twenty-five at the beginning) of canon!Bellatrix. Voldemort's military commander and Torture Technician.

For tropes associated with Bellatrix, go read the damn books.

Rodolphus Lestrange

...things, unimportant things like morals or ideals or a sense of self, that were never there behind his dead eyes.

Bellatrix's (mostly unwanted) husband, Rodolphus is a violent psychotic with the self-preservation instinct of a rabid lemming and a strange liking for opera. Do not get between him and his family.

Evan Rosier

Evan's the nice one, the good cop, a blond dandy with an air of cheerful naivete that makes you want to trust him and also generally makes the saner ones among us wonder what the hell he's up to.

An old schoolmate of Rodolphus and Bellatrix's, Evan is altogether too cheerful and friendly to be a Death Eater. Not that that stops him. He dies.

Edmund Wilkes

Such a critic.

Yet another of Rodolphus and Bellatrix's old schoolmates. The complete opposite of Evan in temperament, he is cynical, irritable, and snarky. This is exactly why Evan likes him. He dies, too.

Lucius Malfoy

His arrogance could be his fatal flaw. He's such a calculating bastard, though, that I prefer to think of it as his redeeming virtue, determined solely by the process of elimination.

Once again, a younger version of the canon character.

All tropes that apply to canon!Lucius, as of Chamber of Secrets, apply here. Special mention, however, goes to:

Non-Protagonist-y Types

Jonathan Avery

Avery is a whiner. He's nothing more, nothing less. There's no complexity to his character. There doesn't need to be any. All he does is complain.

Avery is, quite frankly, a whiny bastard with no friends.

Sylvia Mulciber

''"Your girlfriend is an Auror bitch."-Edmund Wilkes

Sylvia is, quite possibly, the worst girlfriend a man could possibly have. She would be a vamp if she wasn't so bad at it. Theoretically, she's working for the good guys, but it's rather hard to tell. She dies.

Theodosia Crouch

"Not now, Theodosia, there's no time!"-her husband

Caught between her husband and her son, Theodosia is theoretically sympathetic. However, she's far too weepy to ever achieve any audience sympathy. No one, including the fanficcer, is quite certain how she became a major character, being the farthest thing possible from a Death Eater, but she did.

Bartemius Crouch, Senior

Again, a younger version of the canon character, but hampered in his characterization by the fact that the fanficcer finds him oddly attractive. Generally insufferable, but sometimes...

Those Three Guys

The 'younger generation', subjects of a subplot that occasionally crosses over with the main plot.

Rabastan Lestrange

Inbred crazy twit: pronounced exactly how you would think, noun, defined as 'an effeminate young man, usually between the ages of twelve and thirty, with at least three crippling diseases and forty-five separate neuroses, due in equal parts to excessive sibling marriage in the family tree, a nightmarish upbringing, and quack attempts to cure all the other problems.'

Rodolphus's younger brother and lover, Rabastan is quite possibly the most batshit insane person in the entire fanfic. Has a rather unnerving thing for Inferi. Somehow manages to be both a hyperactive, snarky teenage boy and a sadistic maniac.

Regulus Black

Possibly the one sane man within fifty miles. Cold, serious, and surprisingly moral, Regulus (of course) prefers the company of lunatics like Rabastan and Barty. So it goes.

Bartemius Crouch Junior

Batcrap insane, but probably doesn't know it. In love with his mum, but doesn't know it. One of the most powerful wizards of his generation, but doesn't know that either. You get the idea.