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Characters: Mansfield Park The Epic Clash Of Narrators

Fanny Price

  • Beware the Nice Ones: She won't hurt you, but she can thwart your plans, if she thinks they are self-serving or insensitive.
  • Establishing Character Moment: When Edmund, with whom she is in love, announces her that he is completely fascinated by Mary Crawford, and asks her what she thinks, she pauses, thinks... and says that she was very polite to her and is very beautiful.
  • The Fettered: Others must always feel their importance and know that there is somewhere they can go to when in need, no matter how much it costs to her... or how much she wants to put them in orbit around Mars.
  • Guilt Complex
  • Love Martyr
  • Mr. Imagination: She lapses in numerous IndulgentFantasySegues during the story, but hides it very well.
  • No Social Skills: Miss Crawford has very beautiful things on her ears, oh, yes this is how it is called... Well and her hair is very, very...
  • Not so Above It All: She is very flattered by Miss Crawford's friendship and Henry Crawford's admiration, and even more because she thinks that their motives are at least partly shallow: it proves that she, too, must have gifts which attract even shallow people. She also depsises most of her birth family despite her best efforts to hide it, though it has nothing to do with their social status
  • Shadow Archetype: One of the two from Miss Crawford.
  • Shrinking Violet
  • Silk Hiding Steel
  • Stoic Woobie
  • The Unfavorite

Mary Crawford

Edmund Bertram

Henry Crawford

Tom Bertram

Maria Bertram

Julia Bertram

Mrs Norris

Lord Thomas Bertram

Lady Bertram

William Price

The young brother

Susan Price

Betsie Price


Sgt. Price

Frances Price

The Main Narrator (Cathy)

The eldest narrator (Gertrude)

The young narrator (Nina)

The youngest narrator (Kevin)

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