Here's a list of characters featured in ''ComicBook/LesLumieresDeLAmalou'':


[[folder: Ferrets]]
An adventurer at heart, Andréa is a very curious, intellectual ferret whose antics are the nightmare of his family.

A short, plump ferret, Elwood is Andréa's sometimes friend, sometimes punch bag. Naive and illiterate, he is also a bit of a coward. He falls in love with Orane during the second book.

!!Mr. Humet
The oldest member and leader of the ferret community on the Island, Humet dislikes the Transparents but knows enough of the legend to avoid open hostilities with them. [[spoiler:He dies when an automaton built by Elwood to frighten his fellow ferrets malfunctions and electrocutes him, an event implied to have been caused by Meth.]]

The most violent of the island ferrets, he plots against the Transparents as early as the second book and eventually leads the attack meant to eradicate them. [[spoiler:He is swallowed whole by a goual shortly after Arthus prevents him from raping Léna.]]

A diminutive ferret, Ubu is the unfortunate result of inbreeding among the island ferrets. His garbled speech is incomprehensible by all except his best friend, Pierre. [[spoiler:He is absorbed into the Great Oak in a bid to give the tree the ability to speak again, and unwillingly becomes the Oak's successor when Rouche's genocidal actions push it to sacrifice itself.]]

Andréa's sister, Léna is a cheery practical woman who often acts to defuse conflicts. [[spoiler:After she clandestinely helps the surviving Transparents, Rouche tries to rape her in revenge. That and witnessing Rouche and Arthus's deaths right afterwards leave her broken.]]

!!Andréa and Léna's father
An old ferret who unofficially serves as the leader of the village ferrets. He tolerates Andréa's excentricities, to the unending chagrin of his colleague Mr. Bashir. He eventually becomes the leader of the faction of ferrets who refuse to participate in Rouche's murderous plans.

One of the village ferrets and Andréa's rival. He easily falls for Rouche's anti-Transparent ideas and helps the effort to find where Andréa and the Transparents fled after the death of Humet. Rouche almost turns against him when his interpretation of the legend fails to mention the part where the Oak's world is a paradise ''only'' if the Transparents are out of danger. [[spoiler:He is severely burned during the Oak's suicidal but successful attempt to save the Transparents from extinction. Before he can recover, he discovers Rouche trying to rape Léna, for whom he seems to harbor feelings. He and Rouche are swallowed whole by a goual during the ensuing scuffle.]]

!!Mr. Bashir
Another apparent leader of the village ferrets, Bashir openly disapproves of Andréa's antics, especially when it comes to attracting the attention of humans. He's the most knowledgeable of the ferrets when it comes to the Legend and helps Arthus and Rouche access the Oak's World, but he soon sides with Andréa's father when Rouche reveals his genocidal tendencies.

The only other named female ferret. She apparently had a relationship with Elwood, which turns sour after Elwood falls in love with Orane. Despite her dislike for Orane, she easily chooses to side against Rouche and Arthus and is the first one to actively resist against Rouche's goons.

[[folder: Transparents]]
First presented as a nature photographer living with ([[IncestIsRelative and sleeping with]]) his niece, Orane. After Andréa and Elwood figure out a way for the Ferrets and Transparents to leave the doomed island together, he decides to stay behind. He then acts as a kind of SpiritAdvisor to Orane, guiding her through magical books that trasmit his writings to her. Andréa later correctly surmises that Théo is actually [[spoiler: one of the two [[TheMaker creators]] of the World of the Oak, and the imagination that gave form to many of its creatures. His ultimate plan turns out to be a gambit to become immortal by stealing the Oak's powers for himself, then let the tree die so he can be sole god. After Orane betrays him, he goes into a rage that distracts him long enough for Meth to kill him.]]



[[folder: The Hybrids]]
[[folder: The World of the Oak]]
!!The Great Oak
!!The Cafou
!!The Gouals
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!!Father Lizon