Characters from the ''Laura Bow'' AdventureGame series. Beware of spoilers. NeedsMoreLove.

!!'''Cast of ''The Colonel's Bequest''''':

'''Laura Bow'''

* AmateurSleuth
* IntrepidReporter
* RedHeadedHero
* PluckyGirl
* SouthernBelle

'''Lillian Prune'''

* [[spoiler:CuteAndPsycho]]
* TheFlapper: Is described as this
* [[spoiler:TheOphelia]]
* WalkingSpoiler
* [[spoiler:IfICantHaveYou]]

'''Ethel Prune'''

* LadyDrunk

'''Colonel Henri Dijon'''

* DirtyOldMan
* DisabledSnarker
* HatesEveryoneEqually
* PetTheDog: In the best of the two alternate endings, he'll let you keep the buried treasure as a thank-you for saving his life.
** In a sequence that literally shows him patting his ''real'' dog.

'''Clarence Sparrow'''

* AmoralAttorney
* KavorkaMan: Despite his age, he maintains an affair with Gloria.

'''Gertrude Dijon'''

* GrandeDame
* OutdatedOutfit: Laura notes that Gertrude's outfit is straight from TheGayNineties.

'''Gloria Swansong'''

* FluffyFashionFeathers: Gloria wears a pink feather boa. [[spoiler:And ends up dying by being strangled with it.]]
* WhiteDwarfStarlet

'''Rudy Dijon'''

* UpperClassTwit: He does nothing other than flirt with women and rack up gambling debts. (Though Laura does admit he's handsome.)

'''Dr. Wilbur B. Feels'''

* DirtyOldMan: Referred to as one verbatim by Laura.
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: It's rumored he 'samples' his own medicine.
* PunnyName


* FrenchMaid
* GoldDigger: Heavily implied to be this. The rest of the cast remarks (accurately) that for being a maid, Fifi doesn't do a lot of cleaning.


* TheJeeves
* TheQuietOne: Rarely speaks, and if Laura tries to speak with him in private, he just asks her to leave him alone. [[spoiler:Though he is having an affair with Fifi.]]
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: He cleans up (destroys) the evidence at the scene of at least two murders without a thought.


* BlackGuyDiesFirst: Totally {{averted}}: she's the only character to survive the ordeal in ''both'' alternative endings.
* HollywoodVoodoo: Celie is a practitioner (though she insists for good intentions). She also is found praying in a christian church.
* {{Mammy}}
* SassyBlackWoman

!!'''''The Dagger of Amon Ra'''''

'''Dr. Archibald Carrington'''

* [[spoiler: PosthumousCharacter]]

'''Yvette Delacroix'''

* FemmeFatale
* ReallyGetsAround
* TheVamp
* [[spoiler:WaxMuseumMorgue]]

'''Dr. Pippin Carter'''

* AssholeVictim

'''Rameses Najeer'''

'''Wolf Heimlich'''

* AllGermansAreNazis

'''Dr. Olympia Myklos'''

* NightmareFetishist

'''Detective Ryan O'Riley'''

* InspectorLestrade
* OfficerOHara: Subverted.
* [[spoiler:KillerCop]]
* [[spoiler:GreenEyedMonster]]: To Yvette.
* WalkingSpoiler

'''Steve Dorian'''

* [[HeroesWantRedheads Heroines Want Redheads]]
* JamesBondage
* PunnyName

'''Lawrence "Ziggy" Ziegfield'''

* TheParanoiac

'''Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton'''

* GrandeDame

'''Dr. Ptasheptut Smith'''

'''Earnie Leach'''
* [[spoiler:TrappedByGamblingDebts]]

'''Watney Little'''

* [[spoiler: DeadPersonImpersonation]]
* WalkingSpoiler
* [[spoiler:YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness]]