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This the the character page for the Last Window video game. The character page for the first game in the series, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, is here. Note that the main and recurring character entries are duplicated; trope entries should go on the page of the game in which they appear.

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     Main and Recurring Characters 

Kyle Hyde
Kyle as he appears in Last Window

Fired from Red Crown and facing eviction in two weeks due to Cape West Apartments' sale, the ex-detective's fortunes look particularly dim when a mysterious order sheet arrives requesting him to search for the "Scarlet Star", which disappeared in the building 25 years ago. Lives in room 202.

Mila Evans

The young mute woman whom Kyle met in Hotel Dusk, Mila has now returned to normal life and is currently attending art school out of state.

  • Teen Genius: Managed to get into an art school even though she went into a coma at the age of nine for a decade and has only been out of it for one year.

Ed Vincent

Finally tired of Kyle's attitude, Ed fires him from Red Crown at the beginning of the game, but still keeps contact from time to time.


Ed's secretary and a friend of Kyle's.

     Last Window Characters 

Margaret Patrice

The owner of the Cape West apartments and Kyle's landlady. She thinks highly of herself and is always dressed to impress. She has her own highly opulent living quarters in the apartments. Less likely to toss you out of the apartments than Dunning would the hotel, but it's still not a good idea to make her mad.

Marie Rivet

A woman who lives by herself at Cape West after her husband and brother died in a car accident. Lives in room 206.

Rex Foster

A mysterious man who shows up at Cape West after Kyle begins investigating. Seems to know Marie and Kyle, though Kyle doesn't know him.

Tony Wolf

A down-on-his-luck musician who lives at Cape West. Since nobody buys his albums, he's always short of cash and tends to bug people to let him borrow money.

Jeanie Hyde

Kyle's mother, who lives on her own in New Jersey.

Sidney Reagan

The owner of Lucky's Cafe at Cape West, a kind man in his fifties who takes pride in his work.

Claire Reagan

Sidney's daughter who helps him out at the cafe.

Betty Meyer

One of Kyle's neighbors at Cape West, an energetic and kind woman who tends to complain when her neighbors get too noisy. Lives in room 203.

Dylan Fitchar

Cape West's resident handyman. Lives in room 304.

Charles Jeunet

An aspiring student filmmaker who lives at Cape West. Lives in room 305.

Frank Raver

A somewhat grumpy old man who spends his days wandering the halls of Cape West. Lives in room 302.

Will White (Will McGrath)

A gentlemanly salesman whose behavior is the opposite of Kyle's. Lives in room 306.

  • Foil: Likely of Hyde. Both are salesmen and they do share some traits but their personalities are the exact opposite of each other's.
  • Jerkass: Once you figure out what his job is.
  • Missing Mom

Chris Hyde

Kyle's father. A master thief who decided to give up his life of crime for his family, he was killed during his final job when Kyle was nine.

George Patrice

Margaret's late husband, a jazz-musician-turned-restaurant-entrepreneur.

Michael McGrath

The original owner of Hotel Cape West.

Kathy McGrath

Michael's late wife, who was found dead in the hotel thirteen years ago.

Hugh Speck

An ex-cop who is being elected for mayor.