Characters / Kiryuudo

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Leader of the Kiryuudo, an immortal spirit who's been transferring from host to host for the last millennium , and he plans for his latest host to be Madoka.

One of the Kiryuudo 7, he controls bees and his body is essentially a beehive. He initially is an assassin hired by Captain Blood to get Marine Red, but later appears in the Eternal Bonds Arc as one of the Kiryuudo Seven.

     Saicho Mumyouin 
One of the Kiryuudo Seven, a holy priest with the power to control butterflies, he also happens to be a Dirty Coward


One of Saicho's subordinates

     Jurogumo/ Birei Mou 
One of the Kiryyuudo Seven, Kirihito's mother

     Onigumo/ Morihito Kurou 
One of Jurogumo's strongest subordinates Also Kirihito's father

     Kagegumo & Tobigumo 
Two of Jurogumo's amazon subordinates

One of Saicho's subordinates

     Juurou Kamata 
One of the Kiryuudo Seven, has the power to drain life from any one nearby

     Semimaru Kanade 
One of the Kiryuudo Seven, a minstrel with a history with Akabane.

     Suiha Koyanagi 

     Genshuu Miyama 

Son of Jurogumo of the Kiryuudo Seven, he was initially a spy for the Kiryuudo who located Shido, but with Ban and Ginji's assistance, he was beaten and given amnesia by Himiko.