Characters / Kingdom Hearts The Unsung War Trilogy

As this RP progresses, this will remain a work in progress as new characters are introduced.

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     Main Characters 

Raven Otsdarva

Created by: Noblesse Oblige
The Hero of this trilogy. Raven learns leadership qualities in the heat of battle and is fighting in search of his father.

Luna Thermidor

Created by: Noblesse Oblige
One of the members of the Thermidor warrior family, Luna was tasked by Sora, King Mickey and Reo Hamilton to find Erieste. However, upon the latter's disappearance, she decided to bring Raven and Hal. Gentle-mannered though sometimes Arrogant and cold.

Eliane Chevalier

Created by: Strigon98
A New recurit for Raven's Task Force (Task Force 108) Eliane is a monk who wishes to live in a world of peace. Sometimes naive, she has a very kind heart.

Dr. Hal Otacon

Created by: Hal Otacon
A 39-year old warrior with a Post-Doctorate in Military Strategy, Otacon is The Smart Guy of TF 108. His understanding of the new Heartless battle strategies (beyond the Zerg Rush tactics of the games) makes him a good strategist in these matters.

Fuu Chao Rin

Created by: Tipsynaruto
Nicknamed "The Fire Scourge" Chao is the princess of the world of Eastern Cloud, near the Lucid Empire. Being trained from young as a warrior, she joined Raven's group initially to measure the Heartless capabilities. But became an active member by Part 2, where after the decisive Battle of Unity Islands, the Eastern Cloud military joined up with the Army of Light.

Julias "Judas" Herenias

Created by: Squee
A 23-year old archer and priest who preaches the religion of Khai, he joined Raven's team against the Heartless.

Orion Smith

Created by: Silver Shadow
An enigmatic 18-year old Dragon Knight with no memories of his past. He serves as a mercenary, helping or hindering Raven's progress. He sees Raven as a rival after their fight in Olympus Coliseum ended in a draw.

Laleth Aires

Created by: -Heartsmash-
A 10 year old girl with lots of spirit, she is the youngest member of Raven's Team and a Keyblade Wielder at that. Headstrong, her age and cuteness leads her to get what she wants.

Desiree Kaufman

Created by: Tipsynaruto
A 24-year old mercenary who is a member of the Lightning Valkyrie Sky Hunter Guild. She mysteriously appeared in Olympus Coliseum. Raven would hire her so he could hel her find a way home.


Created by: Rorolina FrixellA Child Soldier from a world he failed to defend. He joined Raven's group to face the coming threat of the Heartless Empire.

Lachesis Athene

Created by Rorolina FrixellA Nurse in charge of a medical unit. She has a checkered past and her mysterious untrusting nature making her seem uneasy with the team.

Eile Mizer

Created by Baseret
The adopted child Ramuh and Guardian of the Summon Spirits. She has a dark past and her eyes is ever searching for those who disrespects the Eidolon.
  • The Unfettered Don't disrespect the Eidolon in her presence. It might be the last thing you say.
  • Dark and troubled Past: She was orphaned for a reason only known to Ramuh and herself.
  • Action Girl
  • Transhuman: Will be explained later
  • Swiss-Army weapon: She has a Sniper Rifle and a Scythe mixed into one
  • Anti Magic: She has a skill that removes the Erg of Mana from the area. Anything made, sustained, or summoned by magic will not work.
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Berserk Button: See The Unfettered

     Other Major Characters 

Erieste Otsdarva

Raven's father and a Keyblade Master. He fought in the 1st Keyblade War and serves as a Master to Raven.

Peter N. "Pops" Beagle

One of Erieste's friends from the Keyblade War. Pops is a mechanic who likes to work on Gummi Ships, and is capable of flying them as well.

Reo A.C. Hamilton

A Keyblade Master who served with Erieste during the Keyblade War. He serves as the overall Commander of the Armies of the Realm of Light. A Man who prefers to know it all before others tell him, he is the perfect man to defend the Light.


Dagr Scinfaxi

The Main antagonist in Part 1. Dagr Scinfaxi is a Heartless Arbiter, whose job is to specifically hunt down and kill Keyblade Wielders. Fought in the First War as a mercenary, and killed 7 Keyblade Wielders in that conflict. Very Proud and ruthless. Died by the combined efforts of Raven, Chao, Luna and Hal.

Dilan's Heartless

The Heartless of Dilan (Xaldin's complete being), and the Emperor (or so he claims) of the Heartless Horde. Had started the war against the realm of Light in an attempt to expand the Realm of Darkness.

Belaya Zaharada

Scinfaxi's Second in Command, she was put in charge of destroying a weapon that could potentially be a threat to the Heartless. Killed off by Chao in her Pheonix form.

Shadow Card

A Moogle Mercenary working exclusively as an Assassin. For unknown reasons, he is personally targeting Luna.

     Minor Characters 

The Phantom

Leader of the Valahia group that opposes the Dilan and his Heartless Hordes, The Phantom uses the advice of his contacts within the military (in the form of the Arbiter Nott Hrimfaxi) and others (like Blade) in order to end the war as soon as possible.

Wolfgang Buckner

Friend of Erieste Otsdarva, and a Keyblade Knight for the Lucid Empire. Buckner is torn between his friendship and his duty to the crown.

Sora, Riku and Kairi

Sora, Kairi (now 19 years of age) and Riku (20 years) are veteran Keyblade Masters and important leaders due to their status as heroes during the Xeanhort crisis 5 years before. Despite their age, they still act the same way as they did at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. They are currently part of the invasion force sent in to liberate their homeworld, Destiny Islands. All tropes referring to them can be found on their tropes page.

The Incredibles

The superpowered family from the movie of the same name. They were part of the defense force to defend Nomanisan Island Space Center from Heartless forces. All tropes referring to them can be found on their trope page

Alvin Jameson Ford

A Lieutenant Commander and the original leader of Task Force 108. Lt. Col. Ford was killed in action during the battle of Destiny Island, thus passing over the reins of leadership to Raven Otsdarva.