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We're working on building this character sheet. Keep in mind: We have LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters. To build it up fully, it NeedsWikiMagicLove, and ''LOTS'' of it.
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellCoreFamily The Core Family]]
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellKindleExtendedFamily Kevin's relatives and friends (includes his parents, Danielle and Angelique)]]
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellDewclawExtendedFamily Kell's relatives and friends (includes her parents, Ralph, Aby, and Kell's co-workers from Herd Thinners and Dewclaw's Fine Meats)]]
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellLindesfarnesPeers Lindesfarne's peers (includes Fenton and the Fuscus family, Tammy and Rachel)]]
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellRudysPeers Rudy's peers (includes Bruno, Corrie, Fiona, Edgar and Leona)]]
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellConeysPeers Coney's peers (includes Lin, Wendell, Harcourt and Jess)]]
* [[Characters/KevinAndKellOtherCharacters Other characters]]