Characters / Kamelot

Current Line-up:

Tommy Karevik - Vocals


Swedish vocalist Tommy Karevik of the Progressive Metal band Seventh Wonder joined Kamelot after open auditions to find a new vocalist following Roy Khan's departure in 2010. Prior to joining the band full time, he toured with them in 2011 as a guest vocalist, where he would sing certain songs including "Center of the Universe," "The Human Stain" and "Eden Echo." He has sung on Silverthorn and Haven.
  • The Hero
  • Tenor Boy: His range is notably higher than Khan's and he's also notably younger than the rest of the band (six years younger than the next youngest member).
  • One Steve Limit: Averted

Thomas Youngblood - Guitar


Along with former member Richard Warner, Thomas Youngblood formed Kamelot in 1991. He is also the only founding member left in the band who didn't leave and come back two decades later. As such, he has appeared on all of Kamelot's albums.

Sean Tibbets - Bass

1991-1992, 2009-present

Sean Tibbets was the bassist recruited by Thomas and Mark when they first formed Kamelot in 1991, but didn't last long when he left and was replaced by Glenn Barry in 1992. He went on to play for Wykked Wytch, then for Royal Anguish until he rejoined Kamelot after Glenn left in 2009. He has played on every album since Poetry For the Poisoned.

Casey Grillo - Drums


When original drummer Richard Warner left in 1997, Thomas and Glenn offered Casey the chance to audition to take Warner's place. He's been in the band since. He's played on every album since Siege Perilous.

Oliver Palotai - Keyboard


After original keyboardist David Pavlicko left in 1998, Kamelot went without a full time keyboardist until they brought in Oliver Palotai, who had played keys and guitar for a small variety of bands previously, most notably, Blaze Bayley's solo project, BLAZE. He has played on every album since Ghost Opera.

Former Members:

Roy Khan - Vocals


In 1998, founding vocalist Mark Vanderbilt left Kamelot. They brought in Norwegian vocalist Roy Saertre Khantatat as a touring vocalist until they could find a permanent replacement, but as Khan was such a great singer, they asked him to go skydiving to secure a permanent place. Before joining Kamelot, he sang for the Norwegian Progressive Metal band Conception. The circumstances of Khan's departure aren't entirely clear, but started when Khan had to take time off after falling ill. It has been hinted that he stayed away due to religious reasons and being unhappy with the much darker direction of Poetry for the Poisoned. He sang on Siege Perilous, The Fourth Legacy, Karma, Epica, The Black Halo, Ghost Opera and Poetry for the Poisoned.

Mark Vanderbilt - Vocals


Glenn Barry - Bass


Richard Warner - Drums


David Pavlicko - Keyboard