[[folder: The Girardis]]
!!Joan Girardi
* CrisisOfFaith: Following the events in "Silence."
* DeadpanSnarker: To ''God'' no less.
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: Sometimes God communicates with Joan this way.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Zigzagged. She wants to be good at something or wishes her missions from God were something bigger like saving the world, but then gets upset when they interfere with her social life.
* ISeeDeadPeople: Part of the "talking to God" package. Although according to Rocky and Judith, Joan doesn't see them every time they're around.
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent
* OutnumberedSibling: Joan is the only girl in the middle of two boys.
* PlotInducedStupidity: We're looking at you, season two.
* WorthyOpponent: How Ryan views her.

!!Will Girardi
* ByTheBookCop
* HollywoodAtheist
* PapaWolf

!!Helen Girardi
* PsychicPowers: Her charism "discernment of spirits" is a form of these. It include a vision of Kevin's accidents before the cops came, psychic dreams about the synagogue fire and church vandalism, speaking to God in dreams, and seeing Judith's ghost when she visits Joan.
* MamaBear: "If someone else made those jokes about you, I would scratch their eyes out."

!!Kevin Girardi
* BigBrotherInstinct: He gives a fair amount of advice to his younger siblings and offers to roll over anyone who picks on Joan.
* DisabledSnarker

!!Luke Girardi
* BigBrotherInstinct: Despite being the youngest, we frequently see him looking out for Joan's best interests, and Kevin gets mad at Luke for taking on the big brother role in "The Devil Made Me Do It."
* TVGenius
* TheUnfavorite: His parents forget his birthday, he's frequently overshadowed by Kevin, and there's a RunningGag especially in the early episodes that no one in the family is actually listening when he talks, to the point that he's shocked when they react to something he's said. [[/folder]]

[[folder: Subdefectives and Others]]
!!Adam Rove
* PhotographicMemory
-->'''Grace''': The dude has a photographic memory. Everytime he thinks he might forgive you, the image of you smashing his artwork just pops into his head. Not that I've discussed it with him.
* TheStoner: Subverted. People think he's a stoner, but it's an act to keep people from getting too close and to keep Mr. Price away from his art.

!!Grace Polk
* ConspiracyTheorist

* TheFriendNobodyLikes
* LastNameBasis
* TVGenius

!!Glynis Figliola
* SheCleansUpNicely
* TVGenius

!!Judith Montgomery

!!Lily Waters

!!Ryan Hunter
* EvilCounterpart