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     Supreme 6 

Aly (Alykinerr)

Remember when I loved m00fins? Ahahahaa what a card I was.

Chris (Chris)

I can just feel the love in this club o:

Megan (Megano)

Hiding behind megan is like hiding behind a toddler.

Narf (Skwisgaar Skwigelf)


Kass (Kassalicious)

I am a tall redwood

Jake (Jakey Doo)

k33n is a fish, somehow. I don't know why he's a fish, he just is. And Dave is a ripped off Sloth sprite.
—Jake, The Jellyneo Game

A member who rejoined back in January 2006 after a terrible period of server problems that no-one seems to remember. Maybe it's just him, though.

     Joined 2006 

Joey the Newtype

Joey the Forum Member: I think in the next update, they'll buff the shoutbox, and finally nerf Demomen.
Torratz: I have no idea what Joey just said
Joey the Forum Member: No one really does.
—Joey being his usual self.

Joey the Mecha Pilot: Real Life suffers from being too hard and horrible game design.
—Joey pointing out the flaws of IRL.

A member who joined back in 2006 to participate in Jellyneo's birthday contest, he didn't truly become active until 2007, when he decided to come back out of boredom.

     Joined 2007 


—Steven shouting one of his many favorite memes

"I think Steven's brain is powered by"

Steven, his antics involve lots of guns, the occasional bladed weapon liked katanas and in general follow the Rule of Cool.

     Joined 2008 


Clouds: I need to change my name to JohnPaul one day... hmm :P
Pingu: JP would kill you clouds xD
Clouds: "That's my name! No plagiarizing my name!" "Uh... I'm named after the pope?"
JohnPaul: Actually, I am named after the pope.
Clouds: Yeah, because "Innocent" doesn't suit you. :P
—Conversation with JohnPaul

Clouds is an Elon Hughlis Fangirl. Rumour has it that she used to be sane, before JohnPaul came along.


"You cannot hide from Mr. Taser..."

Shion is just a pretty normal(???) forum member and Ex-Vampire. She's been here since November in 2008 and has been active ever since though she never goes on Neopets. She's a wannabe Ax-Crazy simply because she finds it fun. Her weapon of choice is a taser and sometimes she uses a romantic cleaver. She also loves to roleplay and write. Oh yeah, here's a fun fact: Yes, Shion's name obvious comes from Shion from Higurashi: When They Cry, but Shion isn't actually her favorite character.


"He's not a stalker, he's just canadian"
—Rayzah, describing 3est


"Hi everyone"
—JohnPaul's first shout. Little did JN know....

The progenitor of the second generation of JNers, JohnPaul is the creator of the Jellyneopian Times, Jellyneo Doctor Who, and the Steampowered series. His arrival in 2009 heralded in a new generation of users, including Tara, Clouds (who had actually been there before, but only became the Cloud Cuckoo Lander she is today because of JP) and Dodger. He has teamed with fellow user Dawn to create series.


''"Draik, I am not pleased with your perpetual lies. You always make them up. Abraham Moofin does not exist, nor do moofins, and Willy Wonka is just the creation of an over-imaginative book writer. They do not exist in real life. Nor does the Island of Perpetual Tickling, unicorns, elves, pegasi, dragons, leprechauns, the Jungle of Perpetual Tickling, or magical pixies. The only thing that you have mentioned that does exist is the fawn, which is a baby deer. Because you have lied so much, you shall be kidnapped by five dolphins wearing fezzes. They shall take you to space in the Apollo 11, where you will die of starvation and lack of oxygen. Nobody will save you, for, in space, nobody can hear you scream. After you die, the dolphins will return in Apollo 11 and take you undersea. They, and all the other dolphins, will feed on your dead body until nothing remains.
—Rayzah's comeback to Draik in the 'Temporary' Shoutbox while arguing about Willy Wonka and moofins (which do not exist.)

Jellyneo's resident Yume Nikki and Vocaloid fangirl. She often tries to sound smart but fails. She's mentally unstable due to past events. She hates moofins, people with constant improper grammar and spelling, and meepits with a burning passion of one-thousand suns. The only topic she really goes on is Random Roleplay, but you can also catch her on the SB typing in caps lock.


"*purple aura glows* Does anyone want to play with me?"
—Hime, during Random Roleplay scene when she got hugged by Russia.

Hime, joined Jellyneo in November 2008, but only became active during 2009. She's a fan of various anime/manga, especially Bleach and Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. She loves to draw, use the shoutbox, and post at Random Roleplay. One of her favorite characters is Sakura.


"Madder than a hatter, that's me!"

Arjay lives on the internet, or so he claims, taking residence on an old Youtube page. In his spare time, he'll play one (or sometimes more) of his many, possibly violent games. He's been active on JNF since 2008, and supposedly plans on staying forever. He is a self-proclaimed Close-quarters combat specialist, excelling with shotguns, swords, and the occasional bottle. It times of stress, it is said that he will retreat to the internet, and not come out until the turmoil has been resolved. Its also been said that he could crack the Da Vinci code in under a minute, if he could be bothered.


"I could've asked about your bandwidth or your SAT scores, were I trying to be romantic."


My [sense of] humor now alternatively points at luggages and small children and laughs hysterically, or takes a peek at the rest of my mind and drowns its sorrows in a metaphorical pile of drinks before slinking to an abandoned corner, periodically sleeping and throwing up.
Actually one of the earlier to arrive of her generation of users, Dawn works as a graphics designer and occasional writer for the Jellyneopian Times, as well as collaborating with John Paul on various projects (secret or otherwise), including Jellyneo Doctor Who. She's an avid roleplayer and former lurker in the Debate Club.

Tenny (Erza Scarlet)

Joined in December 2008

     Joined 2009 


Joined in July 2009, she's mostly seen in Random Roleplay and post at The Media Channel. Currently, she's rarely seen there.


Joined in early 2009. Like most members, he changes his name often. However, he is generally referred to by either his original username or his current username.


—Mew stating what she is

A strange Fangirl who loves the Games forum, Random Blah forum, and the Shoutbox, but mainly lurks everywhere else.She has three hasubandos which she loves very much. She also really, really loves Touhou.She unknowingly eloped with Blahzor. They officially married in the shoutbox later.


"Hey Gi, Moo! Mooooooooooooooooooooooo..... Moo, Gi! Moo, Gi, Moo moo moo, Gi! Mooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... Gi!"
—JohnPaul, judging a user by their cover

Raconteur Raven: @Moogi: Gi was the name of a character on an environmental cartoon from the 90s I sometimes watch. *chuckles to self*
Moogi: I'm a enviormentalist cow, now? Well... I guess it's better than just being a moomoo cow :P
—Moogi, discussing the JP quote above

Having joined late April 2009, Moogi spends most of her time in the Shoutbox and the Roleplaying Forum. In her spare time, she always plays Video Games, proven with previous Display Names like Tails the Fox, Meta Knight, Marth, Vaati and Princess Rosalina. Moogi is known for having many adoptive kids, and is already a great-great-grandmother at a young age.


"#1 Sci fangirl and Anime addict"
—Pingu describing herself

Ruby Torratz

Jeff: I would like to proclaim my absolutely undying love for Ruby
Ruby: That's rather nice of you Jeff :D
Jeff: xD Ruby, I can imagine if you were Juliet, and Romeo was out there proclaiming his undying love for you and risking life and limb, you'd be like, "Ohai Romeo! I like that you said those nice things! :D" and then close the window and go back to sleep
—Jeff summing up Ruby in a nutshell

One of the few Jellyneo staffers who is also a forumer, Ruby (also known as Torratz; both names are used interchangeably, even on this page) is the protagonist of Jellyneo Doctor Who.


"I'm not going to tell you guys what I'm modifying."

Previously considered an Emotionless Girl, Yuzuki loves to sew things up and modify stuff. She is a fan of Shiraume, but changed her display name to Yuzuki. Forget the name she chooses two years ago, which nearly similar to what Kohaku does. And seems she's much more nicer than before.

Fizzy Wafflez (Gundam Tanaka)

"Burning the cows saves coal!"
—Fizzy, defending his favourite thing to do in Minecraft

Joined in late June 2009, but barely used his account for a time after joining. After being a regular on the forums for a few months he left until mid-2011, when he returned with more free time on his hands than ever. He is also a robot.

Vincent (Mystogan)

Joined in late April 2009. Vince is one of the forum's top posters, with over 20,000 posts. He likes to brag about himself, and his achievements. He is annoying and hard to get through sometimes. He is a plain derp most of the time, but loves to chat about stuff he loves, including anime(One Piece, Naruto: Shippuden, H.O.T.D., Deadman Wonderland, Death Note, InuYasha, Fairy Tail, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and Baka and test.). He also is usually in a crazy or hyper mood.


"KIRBY ROCKS if you do not agree he has the right to eat you"
—Invader's opinion on Kirby.

Joined in late 2009. Everytime he goes onto the shoutbox, something about Smash Bros is mentioned.

Ilikanar (Fallen Rabies)

"Shush, Kirby"
—Rabies on Skype
Join in late 2009.

     Joined 2010 


"So remember, kids, if you want to poison a team captain, make sure they don't have a girlfriend!"
—Raven, imagining how Lyvon Cibaire's wig commercial would go. It Makes Sense in Context.

Raven (originally known as Ravenfrost) joined slightly before Plushie in Summer 2010 and just after her first Neopian Times short story "Jumper" was published. Soon after, she became a well-known forumer who mainly hangs out in the Shoutbox, Games, and Roleplaying sections. Later, she began to show other users her Neopian Times ideas, which started her reputation as an Altador Cup fanatic and conspiracy theorist. She's mostly known for her references to The Pendragon Adventure and her habit of making up conspiracy theories about Tandrak Shaye, a Yooyuball player and Ensemble Dark Horse. Despite the attention given to him by her, she is not a fangirl of him and never will be.

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: She creates interpretations for many Altador Cup players that not many fans would think of. Especially Tandrak Shaye.
  • Berserk Button: Somewhere between being rejected multiple times and people mistaking her for a Shaye fangirl (though the latter doesn't happen often).
  • Calling Your Attacks: She was the first to use the 'Gelert Ear Whack' that is now a common inside joke among the Altador Cup VI roleplayers.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: About many things. Just to give you an idea, her main villain is Tandrak Shaye, whom many just think of as an Ensemble Dark Horse rather than a threat.
  • Creator Backlash: She dismisses her first Neopian Times submission, an article called 'An Exclusive Interview with AAA' as "comedic in some places but with no plot line whatsoever." She likes to pretend it doesn't exist. Despite this, though, she admits she cannot wish it out of existence.
  • Dark is Not Evil: Her first roleplay character, the dark faerie Nevvy, is this. It was through her interactions as Nevvy that she formed some of her first relationships on-site.
  • Deadpan Snarker: At times, due to the fact that many of her female characters are this trope, and it rubs off. She's also like this as her frequently used roleplay character, Valka.
  • Determinator: She worked on actually writing her well-known (to JNF members) Neopian Times series "The Vickles-Shaye Battles" for nine months. She has been trying to submit it to TNT (The Neopets Team) to publish for three months. She's not going to give up anytime soon.
  • Fangirl: Most well-known for being one of Neopets characters Layton Vickles and Jair Tollet (whom she frequently questions if she should fangirl, due to Jair and herself both being female), The Pendragon Adventure, and Warrior Cats. She also is a fangirl of Winx Club and Danny Phantom.
  • Tangled Family Tree: For goodness sakes, according to the JN family tree, she's related to the same character she writes conspiracy theories about!
  • Vaporware: Her series, "The Vickles-Shaye Battles," despite the fact that many members want to read it, still has yet to be published. She's finished it, but she just keeps getting rejected.
  • Weapon of Choice: Her airhorn. Ironically enough, Tandrak Shaye also wields an airhorn as a weapon in "The Vickles-Shaye Battles."
  • Your Answer to Everything: Layka (the shipping of her OC Valka and Layton Vickles).

The Plushie Ultimatum (AKA: Neomysterion)

"Watch out Jellyneo guys and gals, the obscure wonder of Here is Elsewhere, Animation Revelation, and Retro Junk is here to energize your forum experience!"

The Plushie Ultimatum is one of JNF's more sparky yet obscure members. He started his adventure on Neopets back in 2002 as neoking2002_neo, and has been a proud Neopian ever since. He likes a lot of obscure cartoons and video games that so very few members of the site know. He normally lurks the site during the night opposed to the daytime, and there is a good reason why he does so; Plushie has a crush on Kohaku, another JNF member.

Plushie has been seen other sites including the following:

... just to name a few of the sites he visits often.

extremeblueness (Super Blueberry)

''"check out my new game!'"
—advertising one of his many games in SB

extremeblueness joined in September 2010, although he didn't start becoming active until Negg Hunt of 2011 (for obvious reasons). He is most active in Games forum, and has created several games, some successful, but most not. He is well known in the Games forum, but won't ever be well known in any help forums, due to his vow to never become elite. He has participated in a few role-playing topics. He often forgets to capitalize the first sentence in posts, and adamantly refuses to capitalize his user name (for now). After he started becoming active, he was frequently referred to as female, which prompted him to put his gender on his profile. He has created a super hero called Super Blueberry.

Closest Ally: TechnologyArch-nemesis: Technology

Lucy Heartfilia

''"Fuwa Fuwa Time!"
—One of her favorite songs in K-On!

Joined in December 2010, she likes to introduce herself to everyone. Her previous name is Yui, and now changed to Lucy Heartfilia.

JB (Lord of Rockfish)

"Be sure to check out the Altador Cup Media Reportage Center!"
—JB, advertising his topic.


Joined in the summer of 2010 and recently had his one year anniversary, he is a nutball who likes origami, likes to be himself, and likes bazookas.

Aenex (Anak)

"i am married to James Mc Avoy"

Joined February 2010. He has a list of 100 boyfriends and uses Tumblr far too often for his own good.


     Joined 2011 

Silents (Zidane Tribal)


Joined in late January 2011. Known for his ability to control lightning, cool sword, and overusage of flat whats.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: His sword, Leviathan, can slice through wood, stone, metal, and even most living beings as if they were made of butter.
  • Blow You Away: He can control wind, but doesn't do it nearly as often as most of his other abilities.
  • Calling Your Attacks: You're in trouble if he starts doing this.
    • "Lightning Fang!"
    • "Burning Attack!"
    • "Heat Dome Attack!"
      • Even if he doesn't call out the attack, he will usually say the name of the attack somwhere in his post. (i.e.: *Attacks -insert Enemy Name here- with my -insert Attack Name here-.*)
  • Cool Sword: Leviathan.
  • Dark is Not Evil: He's God of Death in the Gods and Goddesses topic. He's a good guy.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: See the Unexplained Recovery entry below.
  • Evil Twin/ Evil Knockoff/ Evil Counterpart/ Criminal Doppelgänger: Saiba (though which of the four is not certain). Saiba's clothes, hair, and sword are all inverted in color, and his personality is exactly the opposite. He can change the coloring of said traits to become an exact replica of Silents, though he reverts back to normal when fighting for some reason. He also has a single black wing coming out of the left side of his back and light brown hair which gets whiter at the center and roots
  • Faking the Dead: A key point in defeating The Destroyer's Destroyer of Worlds form. He makes it look like he was vaporized by one of Destroyer of Worlds' attacks to sneak up on him and use a combination of a small tornado and a massive punch to sever the original Destroyer from his Destroyer of Worlds body.
  • Flat "What.": Beginning to become his Catch Phrase.
  • Flight: Both the 5th and 8th methods on the page.
  • Grand Theft Me: The Psychotic A.I. once implanted itself in Silents' brain. No one knows how though, as the A.I. was apparently in a cake Silents ate.
  • Love Triangle: Silents and Shadow both love Salkel.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: After (seemingly) getting beaten to a pulp by The Destroyer, he reveals that by copying his lightning-based attacks, The Destroyer was making him stronger (He had apparently always been able to absorb electricity though. See the Power-Up example below.). He then proceeded to incinerate The Destroyer with his Heat Dome Attack, which he had never been able to do before then.
  • No One Could Survive That!: So far he's been mauled by a Vampire, smashed into pavement countless times, turned to stone, kicked through a building, kicked through a mountain, kicked through the moon, and was stuck in a villain's energy cannon head-first and blasted directly in the face . He survived all of them.
  • Noodle Implements: Subverted, as Giant Robot Zombie Mutant Vampire Werewolves led by Benjamin Franklin were attacking. He used a box of paperclips, some duct tape, a baby gorilla, four rubber bounce balls, a laser, a box of pancake mix, a school bus, and fifty-seven pairs of underwear to stop them... Than proceeded to tape everything but the underwear and baby gorilla to the laser, and simply shoot the Giant Robot Zombie Mutant Vampire Werewolves with it. He then proceeded to explain why he taped those things to the laser...
    Silents: Now, the paperclips were to balence out the negative charge on the laser so it would be more focused and not destroy everything. The rubber bounce balls were to conduct any minor electricity leakage. The pancake mix was to make aiming easier, as it worked as a sort of crosshair. The School Bus was for balance.
    • ... and then Double Subverted it when he explained what the underwear and baby gorilla were for...
    Silents: The baby gorilla was in case I needed extra wind resistance. The underwear was for in case the Giant Robot Zombie Mutant Vampire Werewolves brought tigers.
  • Power Glows: Rarely. He still does it though.
  • Power-Up: Up to about 2x his regular power.
    • Power Up Motif: The above power-up is done by absorbing some form of electricity or lightning. There isn't a time limit, but his power goes down with every lightning-based attack. Like a battery.
      • You may be thinking "Well if he just didn't use electric attacks, the boost would be permanent!" It doesn't work that way. Don't ask. It just doesn't.
  • Shock and Awe: One of his favorite powers.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": He prefers to be called Silents. It doesn't stop people from calling him Silent though.
  • Stealth Pun: When The Guests were around, he translated various words into Bengali, then used the phonetic spelling as the names of 'The Guests' attacks. Examples include Sickle's "Rasuna (Garlic) Gun", Mace's "Dudha Ball", and perhaps the most humorous:
    Knife: Panira Ki! (Cheese What)
    Silents: Cheese What?
  • The Strategist: In most instances he can fight against villains much stronger than him and the two will be nearly equal simply due to his incredible strategic abilities.
  • Summon Magic: He has it. Most of them are from the Final Fantasy games.
  • Talk to the Fist: Due to the recent flood ov villains in the Full Out War topic, the true meaning of the topic (mercilessly beating up your friends) was almost lost. Silents found a way around this: punching his friends (namely Zoroark) in the face while also fighting the enemies. He cut Zoroark off multiple times this way.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: A personal motto of his.
  • Teleport Spam: While not really at spamming levels, he does use his teleporting fairly often.
  • Yandere: He once became this when he found out Shadow was in a relationship with Salkel. He's back to normal now.
  • Unexplained Recovery: He blows up his body to stop an evil Eldritch Abomination from erasing time and space from existence. He's fighting again in four days.


Joined in June 2011. Even though he posts on the games forum very often, he barely has over 70 actual posts.

Ruko Yokune

Joined in mid-August 2011. She is probably most well known as the resident Derlyn Fonnet Fangirl. And that's an understatement.

Luigi (Captain Scout)

—Luigi, talking about herself.

—Luigi, after a round of Mann Vs. Machine.

Joined in March 2011.

  • Catch Phrase: "Whoosh."
  • Fangirl: Of many things. Notable ones include: Pokemon, Mario, Professor Layton, Doctor Who, Minecraft, the Yogscast, and Team Fortress 2.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Due to the fact that many of her past names have been male.


"Welcome to Kalos."

Joined in April 2011.

Aircool3r (Yannikip)

"S.W.A.Y. : Someone Who Always Yawns."

Joined in May 2011.

Moe (Spoink)

Joined in July 2011.

Victini (Juvia)

Joined July 2011.

Flutter (Discord)

"Oh look at that. I've been impaled."

Joined in August 2011.

     Joined 2012 

Immayl (Immay Injection)

Joined in early 2012. Immayl is one of the few forumers in Australia.

Stiel/Bless (Waheistiel)

Joined in March of 2012. He is possibly most well known for being a fan of many things, including but not limited to Portal, Minecraft and Tobuscus.

Leoxe (Ventus)

"Potatoes are a good source of Awesomeness and Rainbows."

Joined in April 2012. He is actually a Vampire Seal, somehow. We're not quite sure how it all works.


Joined in May 2012. Somehow is 99 years old.


"hoo boy :y"

Joined in October 2012. Isn't as active as she once was, but is still close friends with Anak and Milaza. Has a tumblr and a twitter.

     Joined 2013 


"Surrounded by, like, 1000 cups of instant iced tea"
Vi, describing her location

Joined in April 2013.

     Joined 2014 

     Joined 2015